Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arianna Huffington “thanks” Glenn Beck

Normally I would never link to a Huffington Post article, but this one by Arrianna Huffington requires some attention. In her latest column, Arianna praises Van Jones. She starts off by “thanking” Glenn Beck for getting Van Jones canned.

Thank you, Glenn Beck. By helping force the resignation of Van Jones, you have done a great service to your country. But in the exact opposite way than what you intended.

Your vile and vicious smear campaign has helped reverse one of the worst examples of miscasting since John Wayne took on the role of Genghis Khan in The Conqueror.

Huffington, then goes on to praise Van Jones :

Don't get me wrong: Van Jones was the best person for the job he just gave up. But the job was not the best use of Van Jones.

Best person for the job? With unemployment at 9.7% and rising, did Van Jones create a single “green job” or a job of any color during the time he was with the White House? Since the answer is no, I would say good riddance. Our national debt is immorally high; we cannot afford to pay posers to push their radical agendas. This seems to be lost on Arianna. Then again she has her millions, so why should she care about us little people being taxed to death to pay for all these useless Czars.

Arianna does do us a favor and reminds us something that we may have all forgotten after hearing about Jones’ resignation:

Now, thanks to Glenn Beck, we've got that voice back. No longer tied to his desk with a sock in his mouth, Van is now freed to do what he does best: inspire and energize groups around the country. Student groups and labor groups and small business groups and middle class Americans everywhere who are losing jobs and losing homes and losing hope. He's free to push with all his might and insight for the vision tens of millions of Americans tirelessly worked for during the presidential campaign -- the vision they voted for in November -- but which is now in danger of being drowned in the fetid political swamps of Washington.

That is right, Van Jones is now free to rabble-rouse, stir the racial pot and push his conspiracy theories all over the place. If I had to guess what his first order of business would be, I would say it is to try to bring down Glenn Beck. After that, Jones will no doubt return to his radical ways and when your read about the future trouble he causes, please do not forget Arianna’s praise.

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Via: Huffington Post


Stogie said...

Arianna Huffington is a truly despicable individual. She once cast herself as a conservative and went head-to-head in debate with well known liberals on TV talk shows. I admired her courage and tenacity. Then she switched sides, apparently for personal gain rather than sincere conviction.

Huffington would espouse any position for fame and money; she is a soulless person, devoid of any real beliefs but herself.

Since she became a flaming liberal, she no longer debates anyone on TV. At least she obviously recognizes the indefensibility of her new-found leftism.

RightKlik said...

She said "this isn't spin"

When they say that, it's spin.

Track-A-'Crat said...

What a loathsome woman.

Never mind that Van Jones is a Communist and a Truther, and who knows what else besides.

She does nothing but discredit the Left even further by refusing to acknowledge his inappropriateness for any government position. Why can the Left never admit to any mistake, no matter how slight?

Because, of course, they are never wrong.

Clifton B said...


You are right, Arianna is somewhat of a political whore. When Republicans had the power she was there, when the winds changed so did she. If the Democrats continue on their path to being political poison, then watch for Arianna to try to return to being conservative. I will ignore her then just like I do today.

Clifton B said...


Ding, ding, ding, give that man a silver dollar!

Clifton B said...


Never admitting they were wrong is one of the Democrats greatest failures. It is one reason why they still push tired and failed ideas from the 70's.

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