Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Black Conservative’s FMJRA for 09/05/2009

Good morning readers, it is Saturday and that means time to pay shameless devotion to Rule #2. This has been an extraordinary week for traffic to ABC. The Linky Love has been incredible and there was even a tiny dose of Linky Hate [boo hoo]. Not to worry, linkage, is linkage!

Speaking of linkage, I have finally started showing up on Memeorandum. Lord only knows what the algorithm to that thing is, because I have linked to Memeorandum for month with nada. Glad it is finally working; Memeorandum could use a little Black Conservative Flava!

Also, on Thursday night, I got a boatload of hits from Japan. I Googled and Binged my head off to try and figure out why everyone in Japan all of a sudden was searching for “Another Black Conservative”. My Japanese visitors were highly interested in the 9/11 ad photo and a photo of Carrie Prejean. Prejean I can understand, but the 9/11 ad?

Any who, lets get started!

They Linky Love Me. They Linky Love Me Not.

On Monday, ABC got two awards. First, ABC was Blog of the Day at Linkiest. Damn, did this link yield some hits! As of last night they were still trickling in. Linkiest is a cool site, they have links to conservative blog as well as non-political stuff, check it out. The second award comes from The Camp of The Saints for having the Quote of Day. Here is what they quoted me on:

Are you kidding me? This administration is the worst opportunistic infection this nation has ever known. Every little "crisis" perceived or real is just another opportunity to give government more control and steal away our freedoms. What I find unbelievable is that this administration has yet to prove itself competent enough or trustworthy enough with the control it has seized thus far.

The Linky Love continues with Conservative Congruence, Political Byline and The Atlantic linked to the Music to my ears, Dems could face digit losses in 2010.

Sarah Palin, back by popular demand was picked up by Booker Rising, Sarah Palin News, Texas For Sarah Palin and The Book of Sarah.

Fausta’s Blog and Moralia Blog both gave a nod to the title of my post for the guy who lost his finger; Hungry For Health Care.

We have opposing views for the post Backbone: Palin supports Beck. Reaganite Republican Resistance liked it and The Posthumous Papers of The Late Adlyn Morrison not so much.

Booker Rising picked up several posts this week in addition to the one mention above, Booker links to The Democrats Need a Mirror, No “help” for Obama from school kids and Indoctrination: get them while they’re young.

Miscellaneous posts are as follows:

Doug Ross linking to Boycott makes Beck bigger.

The Blog Prof linking to America is looking to clean house.

Tom Nelson links to DDB Brazil’s 9/11 ad for the WWF: More climate change scare tactics.

Last but not least Right Wing News links to Van Jones, I am not a 9/11 Truther, I just play one on TV.

Blog posts of interest

Unlike last week, I have several good reads to share with you all today. First we have Conservative Congruence who gives a very good explanation as to why Obama has feet of clay. Self Evident Truths provides us with an inside perspective as to why American schools are failing. You might be surprised by some of his reasons. Squidoo and Sabler Point provide very good posts on Black Conservatives! Track a Crat catch Lady Obama napping at the Kennedy Funeral. Empty Suit has a stunning list of job losses under Obama. This is really something to look at. Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion has been playing a game where he throws “darts” at HR 3200 and finds horrors every time. Does your blog need a little help? Then check out Problogger for some very helpful tips.

From my fellow black conservatives I have three good reads. First is a new blog on my More Black Conservative blog roll. The Black Informant actually is an Independent, but makes a mighty case against that dingbat Rep. Watson. Now grab some Kleenex and head over to Black n Right’s blog to read a heart tearing post about America dying from Liberalism. You will choke up. Finally Motivation Truth has the inside scoop on leftwing indoctrination that is going on in our schools and why you should let your child skip Obama Day.

Getting to know you

Here are the new blogs I found this week. Hope you will enjoy them.

The Redhead Agenda

The Liberty Belle

Me, Un-American

The Black Informant

That concludes this week’s FMJRA. Until next week, keep safe, keep happy and keep fighting for America!

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