Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guest Blogger Sunday

I am starting a new feature on Another Black Conservative, Guest Blogger Sunday. Every Sunday, I will turn over one post to another blogger on my blog roll to give you all a little sampling of who I read (and to give this brother a rest, lol). I actually cooked up the idea with this week’s guest…Track A ‘Crat. Enjoy

Moore Is Less - by Track A 'Crat

Were I not afraid that he would try to incapacitate and then eat me, I’d love to follow Michael Moore around every day and do nothing but tell him how stupid he is, how stupid his face is, how stupid his house is, etc.

And, most especially of all, how earth-shatteringly stupid his forthcoming train-wreck Capitalism: A Love Story inevitably is.

Moore’s latest anti-logic masterpiece on behalf of the Democratic Party concludes with the observation that,

“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil. You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.”

The only mildly shocking thing about which is that it wasn’t a hidden genius of the likes of Monica Conyers who mouth-farted it into existence.

First of all, left-wing idiots, democracy and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. One relates to politics, the other to the economy, see? Wanting to replace capitalism with democracy is like wanting to replace electricity with soda. They. Are. Not. The. Same. Thing.

Although I could excuse them for thinking otherwise, seeing as how true democracies have coincided with no other economic

model but the free market. Name me one proper democracy that doesn’t depend on a free market for its economic activity, I dare you.

Second, nothing in the history of the world has done more to alleviate poverty and spread prosperity than the free market. Remember what came before to help the LDCs? Loans, aid, debt-forgiveness, charity and philanthropy, religion, etc? None even approach the amount of good done by the free market.

I’m keeping the critiques to two because this would otherwise never end, but here’s a last point to consider: socialists conflate the political and economic spheres because, like fundamentalist Islam, it is a totalitarian doctrine. Everything comes under the purview of socialism.

Not so with conservatives, who, while noting the innumerable links between democracy and the free market, nevertheless devolve one set of functions to one and another set of functions to the other. Coveting the control of all Creation as they do, this division of labor is unacceptable to the Democratic Socialist Party.

So when idiots like Moore say that they want “economic democracy”, what they mean to say is material uniformity. That way, no matter what your intelligence, work ethic or need, we all get to have the same (crappy) house, car, food and possessions as everyone else.

Everyone, that is, except for those ruling over us.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for this, much appreciated.

I'll take one of your posts and put it on the site tomorrow.

Great collection of shots from the DC Tea Party - that wide angle one is the best I've seen at capturing the size of the crowd.

Like you say, next year'll be a massacre for incumbents, and with good reason.

Anonymous said...

PS - Love the guest blogger logo that you concocted!

@eloh said...

HEY HEY There...I thought there was a Blog rule of just plain good etiquette. NO Horrific photos without a warning.....thanks to this sickening photo...I'll have a day without being able to keep anything on my stomach due to the DemFlu.

Angie Lee said...

CB: Love the idea!

TAC: Spot on, EXCELLENT post! Since Moore thinks capitalism is so EEEEVIIIIIILLLLL maybe he should consider "redistributing" his own wealth accumulated thanks to the system to those behind him. Left-wing idiots also can't seem to grasp the concept that it is not a "democracy" in this country, but a constitutional republic - and there was a REASON for that, protecting the rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority.

And I think you're right, he'd probably eat you.

Clifton B said...

Track A 'Crat:

Glad to spot light your post. I am still finding great images from the Tea Party and check out Riehl World View for an animated GIF on the size of the crowd.

2010 clearly is going to be a blood bath. You can feel people straining at the bit to vote them out.

PS. My Photoshop skill thanks you too.

Clifton B said...


I know, I know, Michael Moore is lunch losing material. Forgive me.

Clifton B said...

Angie Lee:

Glad you like!

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