Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nina Easton on Condoleezza Rice

Nina Easton has an article over at CNN on Condi Rice. Nina interviewed Condi for Fortune's Most Powerful Women's Summit. Easton came away with the idea that Condi should be the face of the GOP.


WASHINGTON (Fortune) -- Successful candidates follow a simple fundamental rule: Define yourself before your opponent can define you. The Republican Party, which mustered a thumbs-up from only 38% of voters in last week's Bloomberg poll, sorely needs to brush up on the very rule it counsels in candidate-training sessions.

To skeptics in search of a political home, the GOP's image has devolved into that of a minority collection of name-calling, "no"-saying, backward-looking, talk-show bullying cranks -- a definition gleefully perpetuated by Democratic pols. So next time the eloquent and elegant figure of Condoleezza Rice strides onto a stage, GOP strategists worried about their party's future should pull out their notebooks.

While I love, respect, admire and sorely miss Condoleeza Rice, I have to admit she isn’t what is needed in 2012. What the GOP needs to find is a scrappy street fighter.

We are not dealing with run of the mill Democrats. The days of the old fashion Democrat are gone. What conservative and Republicans face are a rabid pack of jackals from the far left. These people know no civility; they are depraved in achieving their goals. An eloquent and sophisticated lady like Condoleeza Rice is sadly not suited to go up against people who are willing and able to break all rules to achieve their goals.

What the GOP had better find is someone who hits below the belt and NEVER apologizes for it (e.g. Sarah Palin and her death panels). When you hit the far left below the belt, they squeal like stuck pigs and feign victim, then they demand an apology. The way to deal with that is NOT to apologize, but instead to stick to your guns and continue to call them out. Again, I sadly do not see Rice capable of this.

That being said, should the GOP get their street fighter, that street fighter would be wise to keep Condi on their short list for her old job as Secretary of State or VP. Condi has a very tough and no nonsense view of foreign affairs. That kind of view is what will be needed to untangle the mess Obama and company are making of foreign policy today.

Click here for the video of Nina Easton’s interview with Rice.

A quick note on race:

Some of you may question why Rice is so favorable to Obama. Simply listen to the first couple of minutes of the video where Rice talks about growing up in segregated America. You should gain an understanding why she would be proud to see the first black president of the United States and would praise him so. It also should give you some understanding as to why Bill Cosby agreed with Jimmy Carter’s views about racism.

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Nikki said...

DAMN STRAIGHT!!! I love Condi as the face of the GOP...I support that wholeheartedly! :)N

@eloh said...

You know, I "get it"..we should ALL be proud that a Black man not only ran for president but won...and for that I am happy...BUT at the time he was running all I saw was a crazy man and I voted the other way.

I feel like a real just occurred to me that Rice is a Black come we forgot to play the race card when she did stuff we didn't especially agree with....and our "C" student General...Powell... he was black too and Sec of State.....damn we really missed the boat with a whole deck of race cards....

Oh, never mind, I'm getting too old to keep it all straight...I perfer seeing and hearing people, be it man, woman, or idiot.

Jess said...

It's the liberal shuffling of the deck full of race cards. Race has nothing to do with the needs and problems of the United States.

You're right about the GOP needing a scrappy street fighter. Pull off the gloves and kick them when they're down, which is right now. The liberal agenda is having a rough time at this point and there's a crowd willing to cheer on the conservatives willing to fight.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Rice is not the face of the conservative future as you note here. I wonder where our 'street fighter' is? She is not on my RINO list either though.....take the poll over at LCR, speaking of RINOs.

Stogie said...

Excellent analysis, as usual, Clifton. I particularly like your accurate description of the rabid leftists who are our opponents and the fact that we must fight them with bare knuckles. "Nice" doesn't cut it with the far leftists who now control Washington. Sometimes your brain seems to be a mirror site of my own!

Right again about Condi Rice. She is a beautiful, highly educated and very accomplished woman. But, she's too nice to deal with the ruthless scum we now face.

@eloh said...

Clifton; I took some time today and went all around to different blogs tring to figure out the "Little Green Footballs".

I read on several places what an ass the guy? is but every blog was so intent on not linking...I couldn't go see for myself...I believe you...but I like to have a look for myself on things.

Could YOU do a short post on this? On one site I read where he has banned/blocked over a thousand people for any hint of disagreement.

Clifton B said...


I was always a fan of Condi, she is one classy lady! She deserves a major role in the GOP. 2012 material, not so sure.

Clifton B said...


You are so right about the absence of the race card under Condi. How come when liberals opposed the heck out of here, no one screamed racism.

Clifton B said...


The liberal agenda is having a rough time at this point and there's a crowd willing to cheer on the conservatives willing to fight.

The conservative or Republican who steps up to the plate and consistently does this, will be a shoe in for 2012.

Clifton B said...


I am going to check out that poll!

Clifton B said...


Condi is a class act. Her time will come again after we kick some major a__

Clifton B said...


I will put together something on LGF. You are not the first to ask.

The Griper said...

i didn't see her remarks about the Obama administration as showing a necessarily favorable opinion. i just saw it as a realization of how hard of a job our leaders had and acknowledging it. that, to me, was one of the hallmarks of Bush himself. he never seemed to lower himself to the level of his opponents either.

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