Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN Prostitution Investigation - The Washington DC Edition!

Well, well, well, it appears that helping prostitutes get housing, cheat on taxes, and facilitate child prostitution isn't just a Baltimore phenomenon. The two reporters who taped the ACORN employees in Baltimore, were equally successful in DC! Clearly ACORN is skilled in the art of turning illegal enterprises into legit businesses.

Why are the Democrats giving BILLIONS of our tax dollars to this organization?
Did Obama do stuff like this when he was with ACORN?

I think it is time we get some answers or find a way to cut off the money.

Here are the new videos:


@eloh said...

Clifton, thank you for this post...what is happening to me this morning, listening to "the news" how these poor women from ACORN were taken advantage of by the terrible deceptive conservative dogs..........I've had it.....I hope and pray that all over this country today, we experience a different kind of 9/11......the explosion of mothers and fathers and all decent people to stand up and start screaming ENOUGH..........

Those ACORN women never even flinched but instead knew all about how to assist in the business of international sex slaves of very young children... Dear God, what kind of people are they.

Clifton B said...


1. You should have gotten some of your wish today. 9-12 march!

2. Did you notice that both the Baltimore and DC offices knew exactly what to do. Clearly they were trained in this type of deception. These are not two random cases.

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