Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN Prostitution Scandal: The San Bernardino Edition Parts 2 & 3

Here are the last 2 parts of the San Bernardino Edition. Many on the left are pointing to this blog entry by Jake Taper at Political Punch as proof that James O'Keefe and Hanna Giles got punked by Tresa Kaelke. Basically the San Bernardino County police investigated Tresa Kaelke's claims that she killed her husband. The police found all of her 3 husbands alive and well. But one husband did admit to domestic violence issues. Tresa Kaelke said she knew all along what O'Keefe and Giles was up to and strung them along.

Hot Air is reporting that the San Bernardino Sun got a different story from Kaelke, this time she claims she was in fear for her safety and that is why she played along. She was afraid of O'Keefe and Giles? *SNIFF*, *SNIFF* I smell BS!

Read the links I provide, watch the videos and judge for yourself.

Even if they did get punked on this one, there are still many more videos to come!

Finally here is Hanna Giles having a little girl talk with Tresa.

Via: Hot Air


Anonymous said...

I gotta ask this because it really just hit me.

If conservatives, no matter whether they be Republican, Libertarian or Constitutionalist, are to be considered 'racist' for their opposition to health care, would liberal Democrats have to be considered classified as endorsing prostitution, child pornography and human trafficking for their refusal to give up on ACORN?

Clifton B said...


Seems fair enough to ask. Here is another thought. How come it wasn't racist to oppose HillaryCare? The people thought that stunk and opposed it too?

Anonymous said...

MKotyk88 & Clifton
Both of you have a good point.

I wonder if anyone ever noticed that the congressional black caucus are defending Acorn. Check out all the names of the 75 house members who voted in favor of ACORN. That realiity was very hurtful to me.

The black caucus ought to realize that what ACORN had done mostly affect the young black girls who are probably getting prostituted off. And the insult is that its being done at tax payers expense.

I wish the congressional black caucus would disband.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the tip. I did not have time to examine all the names on the no list. I am going to run match and write about what I find. I have always questioned the motives of the Congressional Black Caucus because their actions never really seem to actually help black people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am trying to learn how to subscribe back to this post so that I can read your posting about the black caucus vote on this ACORN deal.

I went to wikipedia to find the names
of black caucus members:

Then I saw the 75 names of house members who voted in favor of acorn on the roll call list

I would do a blog on it, but I am too rattled at the moment. So I will book mark this blog & check back.

Clifton B said...


You can subscribe to ABC with any of the buttons on the right hand side of the page at the top.

I took a quick look and you are right the CBC threw blacks under the bus again.

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