Monday, September 28, 2009

Fox-TV Chicago ORDERED not to run anti Olympics story

From The Drudge Report:

Sun Sep 27 2009 21:56:11 ET

A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games.

The station's news director ordered staff to hold fire after the report aired once last Thursday morning, claims a source.

Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio are mounting strong bids for the honor to host in 2016.

The International Olympic Committee makes its decision on Friday. First Lady Michelle Obama will lead the in-person push.


Oh really? Well the best way to handle this little bit of fascism is to follow the advice of the guys at Hillbuzz and make that news report go viral on the net. Here is the video, please copy and spread it around!

If the video does not appear click here.

Here is the Chicagoans For Rio video:

and here is the Chicagoans for Rio website.

If the people of Chicago don’t want the Olympics hosted in their city, they have every right to have their voices heard. That is the American way and if the powers that be have a problem with that, then screw them!

Via: The Drudge Report

Via: Breitbart

Via: Hillbuzz

Via: Chicagoans for Rio.


Anonymous said...

The press has been silent on a lot of issues lately. Neither CNN or the NY Times reported on the G-20 riots in Pittsburgh and what they did report only stated that they were 'peaceful' protests. However, if you go to either the local Pittsburgh TV stations or newspapers, the story is quite a bit different. There is only bias in the press anymore. Good, honest journalism just doesn't exist.

Clifton B said...


This is exactly why the former Mainstream Media is dying. There are just too many other sources to get the truth from. As such, their bias' are fully exposed.

Meadow said...

Any American city deciding to host an affair of the size of the Olympics is out of their minds!

The cost of doing so equals the national debt (almost) and not one city, state or our country has that kind of money.

As far as I know, the BO admin doesn't have control of the airwaves (yet) and folks need to know what is happening.

Clifton B said...


Hosting the Olympics is a major financial drain and a logistics nightmare for any city. However, it is the right of the people to decide if they want it or not. Such a thing should not be forced on them.

BTW, with all the problems on the nation's plate, why the hell is Obama getting involved in this. Hosting the Olympics is clearly a state and city issue.

@eloh said...

This will, of course, fuel the war to get their hands on the net.

Shay Riley said...

I live in Chicago. You are aware that they traced the "Chicagoans For Rio" site to a Brazilian source, right? Most folks who I know support the bid...

Chris W said...

"BTW, with all the problems on the nation's plate, why the hell is Obama getting involved in this"

My thoughts exactly. I guess he has nothing better to do. [/sarcasm]

arlenearmy said...

I am wondering who has the power to "order" a news station.

Clifton B said...


You just know they are dying to get their hands on the net. It is becoming the only source of info.

Clifton B said...

Shay Riley:

Yes I did hear that, but the issue is Freedom of Speech. Even if the source of Chicagoans for Rio originates in Rio, any Chicagoan who shares that view should have their voice heard. The idea that a news station must not air a report because the government wants the games is totally un-American.

I also heard that Chicagoans are split on hosting the games.

Clifton B said...

Chris W.

It does seem like a weird thing to drop everything for. I am trying to remember has any other president played such an active role in getting the Olympics here?

Clifton B said...


Ask yourself who just flew to Copenhagen?

arlenearmy said...

The last time I heard of an Olympics to be held here was when then-Gov. Romney brokered the deal for Mass.

arlenearmy said...

Link of video beating to death of the Chicago kid can be found at:

I saved the others because 2 had been scrubbed off by youtube

Clifton B said...


Wow that was rough to watch! Aside from working against hosting the Olympics in Chicago, that video speaks to a much larger on black crime.

Black on black crime has been off the charts for decades, and it seems like so few black leaders ever speak about it. Sharpton and Jackson work themselves into a frenzy over white on black confrontations, but black on black violence dwarfs all incidents of true racism.

Obama has been a bit of a role model for black families, I have to give the brother props on that. He has also promoted education for black youth, I give him props for that too. However, I think he is in a unique position to speak on this terrible matter once and for all.

If we as a people cannot learn to respect ourselves, how on earth are we ever going to gain the respect of other races?

arlenearmy said...

I went to website to see the online poll. Its an Australian site.

I participated in that poll. The poll results were as follows

Rio 43.7
Chicago 26.1
Tokyo 17.2
Madrid 12.9

Y’all may wanna drive by that site to participate in that online poll

The decision will be made on Oct. 2, 2009

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