Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Black Conservative's FMJRA for 9/26/2009

If it is Saturday, then it must be time for Another Black Conservative to pay tribute to R.S. McCain’s Rule #2. In this post Another Black Conservative blog pays acknowledges the Linky Love that was sent our way and gives some of that love back to others in the Conservative Blogosphere. So without further ado, let’s start the festivities!

The Linky Love:

Lets start with the post that got the most attention, School Kids Taught to Praise Obama. While not getting the most linkage, this post got everyone’s attention; therefore I devoted the entire Must Reads to the topic of school indoctrination. Thank to My Voice On the Wings of Change and The Wisdom of Soloman for their Linky Love on this topic.

The post that did get the most linkage was my Notes On Obama’s Speech to The UN. Thanks to Coache P, Camp of the Saints and Booker Rising for linking ABC!

From Biden’s Lips to God’s Ear brought Linky Love from Voting Female Speaks and Good Time Politics. Thanks guys!

The Art of Propaganda: The NEA Gets Caught Pushing Obama’s Agenda was linked to by Moonbat Patrol and Booker Rising!

Thanks again to Moonbat Patrol and Booker Rising, as well as Keith's Sports Journal for also linking to Newspaper Bailout: Could Someone Please Tell Obama We Are Broke.

Miscellaneous Linky Love:

We got a photo hat tip from the LOTUS blog.

Coache P links House Passes Bill to Defund ACORN 345-75.

Reaganite Republican links to Giving Illegal Aliens Health Care Through the Backdoor.

Carol’s Closet uses ABC to show her readers the San Diego Edition of the ACORN Prostitution Scandal.

Morilia blog reached back a week to link to Maureen Dowd Joins the Raaaaacism Industrial Complex.

Saberpoint help to get the word out that fellow black conservative Mary Baker was on Glenn Beck. For those of you who may have missed her appearance, Saber Point has found the YouTube clip:

New Blogs on The Block!

Fuzzy Logic


LandShark 5150

Must Reads – The Anti-Indoctrination Edition:

Watching those little school children being brainwashed has set off much alarm on this side of the blogosphere. So I am providing you all with posts of interest I found this week.

First, check out Left Coast Rebel. LCR did his homework on Charisse Carney-Nunes, the woman behind that insipid song. For the a closer look behind those insipid lyrics, see Right Klik’s blog.

Another bit of leftist indoctrination that Glenn Beck brought to everyone’s attention this week was that video being shown in schools across America, called The Story of Stuff. I actually knew about this video before Glenn Beck did when I stumbled across the YouTube channel of Lee Doren called How The World Works. Lee debunks all the crazy leftwing notions in the film. Lee Doren's debunking video is a good video to show your children, just in case they were exposed or might be exposed to The Story of Stuff.

Camp of the Saints gives us a heads up on Obama's wacky and of course radical "safe schools czar", Kevin Jennings. This is a must read for all parents.

Finally way back in the beginning of Another Black Conservative, I found two very PRO AMERICAN videos for children. You can see them here and here.

Until next week gang, keep yourself and your families safe and happy. Have an awesome week.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Wow, thanks so much for the mention and for this series. It's a great way to find other conservative bloggers and keep us all networked.

You so rock! :)

Clifton B said...

Fuzzy Slippers:

Just doing my part to spread the Linky Love!

namaste said...

thanks for the nod, clifton!


Moonbat Patrol said...

Cliffy, thanks for the mention of Moonbat Patrol, this is my main blog now, and Conservative Congruence is on the side, hope you likie!! Karma/Krynikos

Clifton B said...


Yeah I likie Moonbat Patrol. I had no idea you had both blogs. Adding Moonbat to blog roll.

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