Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barbara Boxer still vulnerable in 2010

Rasmussen Reports’ latest poll shows Barbara Boxer still below 50% with the tiniest leads over her Republican rivals: 

From The LA Times:
Rasmussen found Boxer barely leading Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, 46-42, the same margin as January but down from a 10-point lead in September. Boxer beats former congressman Tom Campbell by the same four-point margin, 45-41, the same as in January when he jumped into the race, and is ahead of state Assemblyman Chuck Devore by only five points, 47-42, down from her November lead of 10 points and January's 46-40 spread. 
The race for her seat has yet to get officially underway. Will Barbara’s numbers still hold once her Republican rival is chosen? Can she withstand the negative ads that are sure to follow? I can easily see Chuck Devore working her don’t call me Ma’am moment into campaign gold.

The problem for Boxer is that she is exactly the type of Democrat voters are looking to toss out. She is arrogant, she’s a big spender, she has been in Congress way too long and she is completely out of touch.  Speaking of out of touch, how is this for example?
… To help with the warmth of money, Boxer will have Al Gore headline a fundraiser for her next weekend. 
Need I say more?

Via: Rasmussen Reports


49er16 said...

Having lived in California for my entire life, I would have said your crazy a year ago if you said Boxer could lose her seat. But after the Scott Brown election, I believe good ole Barbara is going down next.

Janelle said...

49er16, Feinstein and Pelosi aren't far behind in unpopularity. Cheers from S. Florida and we loved our two and a half years in Ventura, Ca.


the man looking to REPLACE Boxer is none other than Chuck Devore

Lisa said...

Did you hear, Mark Levin endorsed Chuck Devore? Yup! Good stuff! Ba-bye Barbara... (hopefully)!

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