Friday, February 26, 2010

Paterson will quit re-election bid

The tax and spend New York governor, David Paterson, will announce today that he will not seek re-election, after saying just the other day that would seek re-election.

Why the change of heart? 
His departure clears the way for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is the favorite of many Democrats, to seek the nomination unimpeded.
Cuomo's office is investigating whether Paterson and the state police improperly contacted Booker, who made the allegations against the governor's top aide, David Johnson.
A day after speaking briefly with Paterson, Booker failed to show up for a court hearing against Johnson - and the matter was dropped.
That is the cover story. The real reason is that Paterson raised taxes all over the place during a recession and the voters want his scalp. Had he tried for re-election, he would have had his clocked cleaned. 

I’ll give Andrew Cuomo two points for creating a win-win situation. He spares New Yorkers the remote possibility of a Paterson second term and vastly improves his own chances of getting elected. David Paterson was never really meant to be governor. The arrogant Elliot Spitzer picked Paterson for all the wrong reasons, never seriously considering Paterson actually having to step to the plate. New York politics is not for the timid or for amateurs. Everyone was able to eat Paterson's lunch and Cuomo is just the latest. 

Too bad New York Republicans are so flaccid and disorganized.  Given the nation's feelings towards Democrats wild spending, a serious Republican candidate could stand a good chance of getting elected, even in New York.


Chris said...

Bye Bye.heee hee heee


Paterson is like Stevie Wonder - blind in more ways than one

Anonymous said...

I would however like to remind you that the democrats promised to take him down when he ignored their wishes tot appoint madame Caroline as the NY state senator. I wonder at the depth and breadth of the campaign against him. On the other hand, it behooves one to be extraordinarily careful if one knows that he is being hunted by a huge pack of jackals.

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