Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Notes On Palin’s Tea Party Convention Speech

Sarah’s opening seems rather quick for me. She states she is proud to be an American and immediately recognizes the troops. This is a nice contrast to Obama who seems reluctant to go pro American. Palin gives an excellent dig on Obama with the C-Span joke. She paints Scott Brown as an average Joe and makes note of the Democrats three biggest loses (VA, NJ and MA).  I like how she boldly says “America is ready for a second revolution”

On Tea Party Candidates:
Palin tells the crowd not to tune out of the process when their candidates disappoint, rather let them know about it. Is this a reference to some of her decisions as of late?

On Tea Party Structure:
Palin references the structure of Tea Parties being ground up and not top down. She states that Tea Parties do not require a King or Queen. Clearly she is saying that she is not taking control of the Tea Parties.

On the Panty Bomber:
Palin offers a stunning line of attack for Republicans: giving OUR Constitutional rights to terrorists. Will Republicans be smart enough to pick it up?

On Wall Street:
Palin is far more effective at calling out Wall Street excesses than Obama, because she has clean hands. She did not give them billions in bailouts so she can go after them with a lot more credibility than Obama.

On The Stimulus:
Palin makes good points, I wish she had called for the rest of the Stimulus to be canceled.  She does a very nice job mocking Joe Biden’s overseeing of the distribution of funds.

Mocking Hope and Change:
“How’s that Hopey Changey stuff workin’ out for ya?” Perfect! This is exactly what we all say. Palin speaks our language.

On Healthcare:
Good to see she give the Republican solutions, but I wish she would have pointed out that both tort reform and removing interstate restrictions are FREE solutions.

On McCain:
Palin explains her continued support of McCain. Many on the right fault her for this, but she states that she admires him as a true American hero and is grateful for his picking her. Knowing her loyalty, it explains why she is doing this.

On Stupak:
Palin’s praise of Democrat Bart Stupak’s stance on abortion is a big threat to the Democrat majority, because it offers Blue Dogs a way out the on coming 2010 slaughter…stand on your principles not the policies.

Advice to Tea Parties:
Palin warns Tea Partiers about going off message with fringe stuff (e.g. birthers) and to stay focus on the policies. Good advice, are you listening Mr. Tancredo?

Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech was not a speech or a lecture instead it was a conversation. It is the same conversation that is taking place in millions of homes, gatherings and business across the nation. It is the conversation that Washington has lost its way and is completely devoid of common sense.  This is one of the biggest reasons why the left is in complete fear of Palin. It is because she doesn’t lecture us from on high instead she speaks to us as a friend or neighbor.

What the left and elites deride as simplistic in Palin is seen to many as the familiar. Palin’s common everyday speak and everyday touch is what so many of us can readily identify with and most importantly trust.  All of this was on full display tonight.

What Palin has so easily been able to do, is what Obama seems to struggle with, that is speak about America in a positive light. She inspires and empowers the individual to bring about "Hope and Change" on their own, rather than place it in one leader.

Because Palin speaks with us rather than to us, she is capable of bringing people to action. She has all the tools needed to create a tsunami of populist sentiment to drive Washington to its knees or to drive her into office. A few more speeches like this one and she will be able to write her own ticket for 2012.

So what are Obama, the Democrats and the GOP to do should Palin create a populist wave?  The answer is simple … capitulate. Give the people what the want, less spending, fewer taxes, and stronger security. To oppose any of the things Palin calls for would spell certain doom for any party who stands in opposition.

Judging from reactions on the left, Palin stands a very good chance of succeeding in firing up an independent movement. The left is focusing in on all the things that do not matter (rifts in the Tea Party, Palin’s perceived shortcomings, fringe elements in the Tea Party).  What matters is that Palin is telling people they have power to bring about change and not those in power.

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Teresa said...

I just listened to her speech and posted her Tea Party speech so as many people as possible are able to hear it. It was fabulous. She really trounces Obama and the Obama administration. This is one speech where she clearly shines through.

Samuel Gonzalez said...


Great breakdown of Palin's speech. Such you posted the full video, I linked to it on my blog.


Supergranny said...

Super recap...appreciate the info!

Jacky said...

Great points, please continue your honest and simple reactions to the problems.


Chris said...

The left are going crazy about her on my blog. Something about her makes the left angry like I've never seen. They have been projecting themselves on her big time. That is what I like about her. The TEA Party is a success because the left say it was a failure. I agree with you points. She might be a great divertion if we have another Reagan. I still don't know if she is Presidential matterial but that is a world away.

Just a conservative girl said...

I loved her speech. The Q&A is where I run into issues. The divine intervention made me cringe. Not because I necessarily disagree, but indies will be really scared off by that.

I think that she shoots straight from the heart, and national politics requires a little more nuance.

I am so torn: I love her, but I don't want her to run. This speech makes it sound like she will. I know that is your stance. I honestly believe that she will get the nomination and lose. Bad for all except the far left.

Larry Sheldon said...

If she has something you want vote for here.

If not, vote for Obamba.

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