Friday, February 19, 2010

Video: Tiger Woods’ Press Conference

While it is refreshing to hear someone accept responsibility for his or her actions in this day and age, I am not sure what purpose this press conference serves. Does the public really need an apology from Tiger?  Judging from his wife’s absence, it clearly wasn’t for her benefit.  It seems to me, this press conference just keeps the whole fiasco alive.  What are your thoughts?


Reed said...

Has to do with the tried and true 12 Step process. Which step this is, the apology, I can't remember nowadays--been a long (and successful) time since I've done the 12 Step.

namaste said...

wow. i could not listen to the whole thing. he sounded like a big cry baby. and if he was so concerned about apologizing to his friends and business associates he should have held a private meeting with them. as for the parents and children that look up to him, they don't give a crap about an apology, just keep the money flowing to whatever foundation that's benefiting them.

Just a conservative girl said...

It is part of a 12 step program. He is therapy of some sort; as the story goes. Part of that is to take responsilibilty and to make ammends.

Oh, by the way - if you can find a video of Pence's speech at CPAC, it sounds like he was announcing a run for the president; it was a great speech.

Liz said...

He is still the same scumbag who slept with tons of women with no concern about his child or his wife. I'll never watch this punk again. I hope Elin dumps him forever.

OldSouth said...

Saw the last few bits of it, need to spend time to see it all.

Probably, this is a prescribed part of the treatment program. Tightly scripted. An apology was certainly owed, and an acknowledgment and thanks to his mom, his friends, his sponsors, the PGA, his fans.

He can't answer questions, because so much of his life is now in litigation.

He always operated by being overwhelming good at his job, and studiously aloof in public. All that's gone away, and he'll have to learn a different way to make his way through the world, even as he returns to play golf.

This is Day 1 of a years-long process of re-entering public life.

The jury's out, and will be for some time.

He did score a valid point, though:

His wife, kids, and mom should be left alone. Ain't nobody's business.

Jess said...

Personally, I think the golf industry would throw Tiger in a volcano if they thought it would return the losses they face in revenue and viewers. Since they can't, somebody decided it would be better to have Tiger speak to the press.

I'm afraid Tiger's mom may be one of a small few that have any faith in him.

TKZ said...

It's a private matter, so shouldn't the apologies be done privately? At this point it's just a spectacle, and to me that just makes it seem insincere.

The Conservative Lady said...

Sounds to me like he'll be back on the golf circuit within the year. The public apology is over and now the only thing left is the book.

Anonymous said...

In PR terms, Tiger now has the ability to respond to reporters' questions with "I said my piece. I addressed all this, and for the sake of my family I'm putting it behind me."

That is the purpose of this. I'm sure there is some sincerity in there, some good intention, some perfunctory annoyance, but most of all it's a PR move so he can dodge future questions.

and I don't blame him. Impossible to continue one's life if one must permanently be at reporters' disposal always answering variations of the same questions about the same events, over and over.

Reporters are like that. They want their OWN stuff, for their own career purposes, and the subject is essentially heckled for responses.

Anonymous said...

I understand what some commenters have said about this being a step in recovery. But can't that be done in private to those most injured? I don't think he owes America an apology, we have all messed up at one time or another. After all, he is a private citizen not an elected public servant. It's not like he was recklessly spending taxpayer dollars.

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