Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Contributor from the very WHITE MSNBC calls Marco Rubio “a coconut”

Well, what do you know; more racial insensitivity from the tolerance crowd. As a black conservative, this does not surprise me in the least bit.  Whenever a minority dares to step off the White Liberal Plantation, all the rules of racial sensitivity goes right out the window and their inner racism is set free. The timing for Donnie Deutsche’s comment could not come at a better time, as so many people are starting to notice the whiteness of MSNBC, thanks to Keith Olbermann.

Deutsche calling Rubio a coconut is the equivalent of him calling a black person an Oreo (i.e. they are acting white). In other words, unless a minority follows the white liberal agenda, they are being traitors to their race.

Deutsche is of course saying he did not know the term was a slur. Since Rachel Maddow appears to be MSNBC’s “speech code” specialist, perhaps she can explain to him? I won’t be holding my breath though.

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Kelsey said...

What's really racist is to expect that because a person is a certain color or ethnicity there is a belief system they are "supposed" to adhere to.

Sunflower Ranch said...

Excellent post! Keep up the great work and hold your head high! Exposure & ridicule of the left's hypocrisy will go a long way to help end it forever. You are in the front lines and fighting the battle. Keep it up!! :D

spc said...

This mentality is largely due to the entitlements that have been spoon fed to us. It is an issue of subservience and ownership. In their minds they have bought us and now we are so stupid as to reject what they "government" has given us. It is the same reason Sarah Palin was attacked so viciously. It is seen as an attack on the identity on the liberal because we are supposed to need them and love them for what the patriarch provides us with. We are seen as unappreciative and even contemptuous for having a different point of view. If there are too many public examples of the success of capitalism and personal rights, the hold on the minority population by the establishment is weakened and may break loose. They can not afford to lose that voter base. It is vile behavior and should be brought to the forefront as often as they exhibit that behavior. Unfortunately, the media is complicit in that the information they allow to filter down is incredibly biased; moreover, the spanish media (which is the only source of information for hispanics) is so deeply ingrained with [Democrats = good / Republicans = bad] that even educated people, when they find themselves in agreement with conservatives, reject the idea because it is so destructive to their identity (racial victim entitlement mentality that has been pushed onto us to keep us dependent and controlled). The key is to educate people, but we are at a disadvantage due to the public educational system's enormous bias. This was predicted by activists during the de-segregation of schools. Even though I disagree greatly with W.E.B. Dubois, it is clear that he was right about the effects certain politically correct changes would have a deleterious effect on the community. This may not directly apply to the hispanic population, but we are connected in the sense that our necks are under the same boot. Modern slavery- Mental slavery with a smiley face.

Anonymous said...

It's the same for homosexuals, Uffda. Because of what goes on in our private lives, our politics are "supposed" to fall in line with the collectivist, racial-spoils, "liberal" dogma of the Democrats.

Unknown said...

Funny how judgmental the left leaning MSNBC is when it comes to color. People that share the American dream and want it aren't seeking the 'white' American dream, just the ideal.

Clifton B said...


No truer words spoken. Whenever a white liberal finds out that I am conservative, they always demand to know why. Like I am not allowed to hold a different viewpoint.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC, and thanks for the encouragement.

Clifton B said...


I have been saying that gays are the new blacks of the Democratic Party

Clifton B said...


MSNBC was one of the first to try to paint Tea Parties as racist. Remember their handy video work?

Sunflower Ranch said...

Clifton B!! You're welcome! America is a quilt of many colors and thank God we're all working to keep it together and not pulling at the seams and picking threads, weakening and fraying the bonds that keep us strong. Like I said, just keep it up! :D

spc said...

Clifton B:

When I was in school I remember our entire organization (mostly hispanics) being ostracized and derided for not wanting to segregate ourselves into the ethnicity based organizations and "coalitions". The organization was started with the idea that we didn't want to limit ourselves socially. Now it is successful beyond what had been thought possible just a few years ago.

As far as the national political structure you are absolutely right about the shaming and condescension. I remember Boxer's exchange with Harry Alford, but it really didn't get as much media play as it deserved.

There isn't as much public pressure for groupthink in the Hispanic population, but it is there and the limited information available due to the language barrier has a profound impact. The entitlement mentality runs deep.

I did hear some good news today, however, along the lines of conservatism stealing away Hispanics from the freebie temptation.

The toughest part for the conservative movement will be doing away with the trap entitlements which will make people feel persecuted once removed.

How can that be accomplished?

Maybe during an upswing in the economy at which point people will see get a taste of the success they can have without the government, lose the fear, and demand the proverbial shackles be removed.
Severely decreased taxation would be the first step IMO, so that the people do not feel swindled when the entitlements are removed during their own personal economic success, but I don't really see that happening because taking something away never happens without a fight.

Janelle said...

One of the fabulous qualities of this blog and some of my other fav's is that you learn something new. Coconut as a slur was unknown, but I had definitely heard of Oreo. Perhaps all slurs should be food related, rather like my favorite old Carlin routine on the 7 words you can't say on TV - let's see; nova, pasta, sushi, potatoes, moo shu, vanilla, taco, strawberry...
I think what 'Donnie' said was meant exactly as intended, so I can't help making fun of it.

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