Sunday, February 14, 2010

University of Alabama Professor Amy Bishop is no stranger to the law

Amy Bishop, the University of Alabama at Huntsville biology professor, who shot 5 people on Friday because she was denied tenure, is turning out to be no stranger to the law. Today we learn that not only did she kill her brother back in 1986, she was also a suspect in an attempted bombing of a Harvard professor.

From Boston Globe
Amy Bishop and her husband, James Anderson, were questioned after a package containing two bombs was sent to the Newton home of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, a professor and doctor at Boston's Children's Hospital.
It was the second startling revelation in two days about the past of Bishop, who is accused of fatally shooting three colleagues and wounding three others Friday afternoon at a faculty meeting on the University of Alabama's Huntsville, Ala. campus.
A Massachusetts police chief revealed Saturday that Bishop had fatally shot her brother in 1986.
Rosenberg was opening mail, which had been set aside by a cat-sitter, when he returned from a Caribbean vacation on Dec. 19, 1993, according to Globe reports at the time.
Opening a long, thin package addressed to "Mr. Paul Rosenberg M.D.," he saw wires and a cylinder inside. He and his wife ran from the house and called police.
The package contained two 6-inch pipe bombs connected to two nine-volt batteries.
Clearly something was going on in Massachusetts.  How is it that this woman could have such major brushes with the law without raising any red flags?  Congressman William Delahunt, who was the DA who dismissed charges against Bishop for the death of her brother, is really going to feel the heat now.  Just like with Mike Huckabee’s pardon of Maurice Clemmons, people are going to hold Delahunt accountable.  Perhaps this is why Delahunt is already considering retirement.


dave in boca said...

I don't expect Delahunt to get in any trouble over his slipshod handling of the killing of Bishop's brother.

The institutional crime wave in MA known as the Dem Party takes care of its Congressional & Senate members, as those who remember unindicted DUI manslaughterer Teddy the Fat & his sad victim, Mary Jo Kopechne, can well attest.

Like any crazed MA socialist, Bishop, who was rated as a lefty ideologue by her students in RateYourProfessor, wasn't very smart & probably shouldn't have got her PhD from Harvard. Maybe the pipe bomb she sent one of her profs there scared the cowardly craven socialists into giving her the doctorate.

Libtards are cringing whiners and murderous backstabbers at the same time, and Bishop had the guts to actually carry out her final murder in public.

Clifton B said...

Dave In Boca:

Tell us what you really think! LOL Clearly there is some sort of cover up concerning Delahunt and Bishop. If MA is anything like NJ, then we will never get to the bottom of it.

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