Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pam Geller enters the Viper Pit (a.k.a. The Joy Behar Show)

Pam Geller, author of Atlas Shrugs, bravely slugs it out on the Joy Behar show. In a three on one mix match, Geller holds her own against three of the biggest PDS zombies. PDS zombie Ron Reagan was feeling particularly butch.  Watch his silly ass try to intimidate Pam Geller. He would have better luck trying to be half the person his father was.

Speaking of President Reagan, you know that old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”?  Well in his son’s case, the apple fell off the tree, rolled down a hill, into the river and floated out the ocean.  Ron Reagan is a sad testament to the legacy of one of America’s greats. Pity.

Click on over to Atlas Shrugs and see the vile hate mail the lefties sent Pam.


Janelle said...

I can't listen to or watch Joy Behar for more than a minute. Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting on this one, Clifton.....I get to laugh without any pain involved!

Anonymous said...

I could only stomache five minutes of video. Pam Geller makes a great point to Ronnie that is ignored when he says Palin is empty-headed,Ms Geller points out they said the same thing about President Reagan.Which they did over and over again and back then I was a liberal but I grew a brain.

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