Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New York Times story on Governor Paterson maybe a firecracker rather than a bombshell

Yesterday Business Insider reported that the New York Times was about to drop a bombshell story that would lead to New York Governor David Paterson’s resignation. Well today we are now hearing from the New Yorker that the bombshell story might just turn out to be a few firecrackers: 
According to a source close to the Paterson camp who is familiar with the scope of the Times' reporting, the Times piece will be an in-depth profile of the governor focused on his personal character. There are likely to be new details about his marital infidelities, but the source added that it's not going to be the bombshell the blogs have predicted. "The piece is PG-13, not XXX," the source explained. "Not to say it won't be problematic, but the Aqueduct situation? That's potentially criminal. On his extramarital affairs, the question is who those people are, and what jobs they've held."
Paterson is a cheeky one. If the story turns out to be PG-13 with a bunch of nobodies, then you can bet Paterson won’t step down. If there is some criminal activity involved too, we may have something. Stay tuned.

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