Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let the games begin

The White House has a post up on its blog today asking Will the Republicans Post Their Health Plan… and When?”.  This seems pretty funny considering the Republican’s plan has been online since summer.  So, why is the White House asking this question now?  This whole new push for health care reform has more to do with turning Republicans into scapegoats than actually passing the legislation.

As I have told you all before, there simply isn’t the votes to pass ObamaCare 2.0, that is why it is crucial for Republican involvement so that the blame can be passed on.  Mike Allen’s Playbook has two items posted today that backs me up:
Good Tuesday morning. EXCLUSIVE: Senate Republicans tell us they plan a ferocious response if Democrats proceed with their plan to try to pass comprehensive health reform with simple-majority votes following Thursday’s White House summit. A top aide tells us GOP senators may offer DOZENS and perhaps HUNDREDS of amendments, some forcing Dems to vote on subjects such as Gitmo and terror trials: “While debate time is limited, the number and content of amendments are not. This approach to moving health care has a lot of problems, but one Democrats haven’t yet focused on is the number of bad votes they’d have to take to get there. Amendments don’t have to be germane (well, they do, and if they’re not, Dems can move to set them aside, but we can move to waive that; either way, there’s a vote).” 
PLAYBOOK FACTS OF LIFE: Top aides tell us there are not currently 50 votes for the plan in the Senate, or 218 in the House. Moderate and endangered lawmakers want the spotlight off comprehensive health reform. Instead, it’s about to take center stage. 

The first item is exactly how Democrats will blame Republicans for killing ObamaCare 2.0 and the second item is all you need to know as to why reconciliation is an empty threat.

Had Republicans simply stood on principle, they could have easily declined Obama’s health care summit on the grounds that now is not the time for health care, now is the time to get our financial house in order. It would have put the pressure back on the Dems to abandon health care and start working on what the public really wants: jobs, the economy and the deficit.


spc said...

White House web site shouldn't be a propaganda web-site and it just seems very low brow to call out a specific party and to use the White House site to bash dissidents.

Clifton B said...


I cannot remember when the White House used its resources so politically. Then again this administration never left campaign mode.

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