Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breitbart shows how to deal with the Raaaaacism Industrial Complex

This is exactly how the right should have been handling phony racism charges from the left all along. Strip away the left’s false veneer of compassion and call them out for what they truly are: despicable and evil. Manufacturing racism is like making more cancer in the world. It’s an evil thing to do and those who do it should be condemned in the harshest terms.

Nothing gets the left angrier than when you remove their phony compassion shield. That is why they all freaked out over the term “Death Panels”, because it exposed their phony compassion about health care for what it truly is; government control of our lives.

What I also noticed is how this crowd is really giving Blumenthal the business right along with Breitbart. Conservatives are finally growing a spine.


Anonymous said...

Judging by the look on Blumenthals face, he knew his opinions were indefensible and could not lie himself out of what he wrote. Classic! It's hard to point ugly,accusing,lying fingers at people without the protection of your ivory tower and like-minded comrades.

Samuel Gonzalez said...


There's one factor you left out as to why the Left throw the race charge around. Namely, to sway the opinion of their Black base and keep them mentally enslaved into voting Democrat.

And I use to term "enslavement" purposely because the Democrat party is nothing without 95 and higher Black support.

I've been argung this for years and deep down Blacks are conflicted to the point they rahter not pay attention to the facts and willingly stay ignorant to avoid the pain of being honest with themselves.

The Last Tradition

trinity said...

I used to be a Democrat, a long time ago, but realized that they only "pretend" to be for the poor, the disabled, the eldery, the working class and the middle class. They actually loathe them. They have made an art form out of using minorties to obtain their votes, so they can advance their agenda. I have seen the worst kind of behavior out of liberals towards those they deem stupid, useless and unworthy.

Good for Breitbart. He cleaned Blumenthal's clock.

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