Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Democrats pretend to go rogue on Obama

File this under “whatever it takes to win in November”: 
Reporting from Washington - As President Obama's approval ratings sag and the mood of voters sours, some Democratic congressional candidates are distancing themselves from the White House, with the back-channel blessing of party officials. 
The candidates are positioning themselves as independent voices no less frustrated with the Obama administration than people back home. [MORE]

Basically these Democrats are merely trying to distance themselves from Obama’s unpopular policies to improve their chances in November. Nice trick, but as Moe Lane from Red State points out, the voters aren’t stupid.

People remember how gung ho, many of the Congressional Democrats were when it came time to vote for the failed stimulus, cap and tax and of course the healthcare takeover. Trying to act like they are "independent voices" now is too little too late. The damage is already done, voters have seen what a Democratic majority looks like and it ain’t pretty. Come November, voters will be looking to thin the Democrat herd and no amount of pretending to go rogue can stop that.

Via: Red State  


Janelle said...

I think I'll file this dem response under the great line from GWTW....."mules in horse harness".

Supergranny said...

Not really surprised...the Dems are so very good at being 'mugwumps'...mug on one side and wump on the other. Beware of people who speak with 'forked' tongue...

Fuzzy Slippers said...

The days of the short-term memory of the people are over. We will not forget last year, not ever. And everyone who voted for the healthcare takeover, belittled, mocked, or in any other way insulted American citizens is on my permanent sh&* list. It's one thing to get a "pass" for getting a blow job in the Oval Office . . . quite another to think that you can treat us and our country with disdain and try to turn it into a (bankrupt) socialist "utopia."

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