Monday, February 8, 2010

Talk to the hand, baby!

Early Sunday morning the left side of the blogosphere exploded over what they find to be the most damning evidence that Palin’s isn’t smart. The Huffington Post, obvious watching every microsecond of Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech discovered she wrote notes on the palm of her left hand and sin of sins, she actually read her notes during the Q and A session [see 
Q and A video #1 at the 4:15 mark]. Oh my God, someone please stop the earth!

What Palin had written on her palm was the words “Energy”, “Tax”, “Lift American Spirit” and the word “budget cuts” crossed out. You cannot believe the absolute firestorm the lefty blogs had over this.

I find this to be more proof that the left is absolutely obsessed with Palin. I saw the speech twice and the Q and A session and never noticed the writing until Huff Po mentioned it. These folks must have been going over that video one second at a time.

Now that I have re-watched the video, I cannot help but notice that Palin never hides the fact that she has something written on her hand. Palin shows her palm to the camera like five gazillion times and you can see the smudges. Even during the Q and A she is out there showing her palm. If she were using crib notes to cheat, one would think she would be hiding that palm, but nope, she has it out there for the entire world to see.

Left Coast Rebel points out the obvious, that these same Palin haters who are making so much noise about this, are always deafly silent when The One makes a faux pas. Ann Althouse has even made a game out of the whole incident asking her readers to take picture of themselves with notes on their hand.

Palin has gotten into mocking the left too. Yesterday at a rally with Texas Governor Rick Perry, Palin wrote “Hi Mom” on the same palm. 

She is not letting these clowns get the best of her!


Clifton B said...


Clearly Palin has realized just how silly the left is becoming with their PDS. Looks like she is going to use it to her advantage.

Larry Sheldon said...

I honest to God don't know, but I'll need points to take a bet that the "Hi Mom" wasn't written by Piper Palin.

I love that family and I've never met any of them, to the best of my knowledge.

And if we are going to worry about dynasties, consider Sarah-Todd-Trip-Piper-????.....

Clifton B said...

Larry Sheldon:

Considering just how much time Piper spends with Sarah, I think the left should be very worried about Piper 2048!

Larry Sheldon said...

And Piper certainly knowsw how to work a crowd.

Clifton B said...

Larry Sheldon:

Piper is learning from a master.

Larry Sheldon said...

"Piper is learning..."

I admire that in a youngster.

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