Sunday, February 7, 2010

New York Governor, David Paterson to resign?

A juicy story is set to drop from the New York Times regarding some serious hanky panky from NY Governor David Paterson. There seems to be a little confusion as to when the story is dropping and if Paterson will resign:

UPDATE: We spoke with a member of Governor Paterson's communications team who denies that the governor is planning to resign. The official confirmed that a New York Times story is in the works but says it will not run Monday.
Original post: This past week, a rumor emerged that the New York Times is working on a huge bombshell with plans to "Spitzerize" New York governor David Paterson.
Several media outlets have reported on these rumors.
Elizabeth Benjamin at The Daily News describes the report as "much worse" than the governor's previous admission of an affair with a state employee, though she declines to name NYT by name.
We've now heard from a single source familiar with the goings on at the Governor's office that the story will likely drop on Monday, and that the governor's resignation will follow.
We've not yet confirmed the timing of the article or the governor's future plans.
Given the governor’s poor performance and shaky re-election chances, he should resign if he did a Spitzer.  Paterson is a stubborn one so; he may just choose to tough it out. Andrew Cuomo’s chances are looking better by the minute.


Opus #6 said...

I will keep an eye on this story.

Anonymous said...

Damn, man! Is there something in the water that these people can't keep it in their pants? This stuff is beyond ridiculous!(no pun intended)

I'm no prude, but c'mon now! There is a time and place for intimate encounters and such, but when are we going to get back to seeing mature, level-headed and focused people handling the business they were elected for in a serious, sober-minded manner.

This is quite discouraging.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

This looks like it will be a big story in a day or so.

Clifton B said...


It is almost like the flood gates have open on inappropriate behavior in our elected officials.

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