Tuesday, February 23, 2010

“Stop Dividing Us”: Mark Levin vs. Glenn Beck round 2

Those of you who listen to Mark Levin know that Mark has little love for Glenn Beck. Levin has been critical of Glenn Beck’s saying there is little difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.

On this issue, I can relate to both men. First, Levin does have a point about Beck’s comments having the effect of blurring the lines between the two parties. If you keep telling people that Republicans are every bit as bad as Democrats, then you lead them to the conclusion that third party is the only way to go. This is especially true for people who do not follow politics closely.

On the other hand, Beck makes a strong case that we must hold Republican’s feet to the fire. Haven’t we all been down this road before?  Democrats get into power and then reveal themselves as elitist control freaks. In a mad rush to rid ourselves of the Dems, everyone votes Republican and we end up with a fresh batch of RINOs. Calling out wayward Republican behavior is essential to keep them principled.

What is needed is a balance between the two points of view. We should acknowledge that Republican principles are better than the Democrats.  At the same time we must make it perfectly clear to all Republican that when they abandon their principles, we will abandon them, no ifs ands or buts about it.


dave in boca said...

My mind is with Mark and my heart --- is also with Mark because Glenn often ends up sounding like a mush machine.

But Republicans are rarely conservative and their frequent background in business & the private sector's odd corners makes them predisposed to make deals more than stand on principle---so in that sense, Glenn's mush mind [accidentally] is right.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am with you that I see both sides, but I also think that Levin gives Beck zero credit.

If it were not for Beck I would not be blogging nor would I be as active as I have become. A year ago I wouldn't have considered spending money to go to CPAC. Now, I think I got a great deal from the $175. Beck has helped get people off the couch. He deserves a lot of credit for that. I almost called Levin today, but he is pretty rude to people who don't agree with him.

spc said...

I read about this "conflict" before hearing the audio and it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. My only problem is with the tactics some advocate for dealing with the problem of a weak Republican party. It seems that those like Levin and Rush (who I do listen to) think that conservatives should be a support group for Republicans. Beck (and I) believe otherwise. They are infiltrated by profligate spenders and someone has to shine a light on the shadows of the Republican party. They say they are conservatives to get our vote, and then when in Washington, most turn into every other politician. Beck points this out and conservatives should not be scared of the truth. Republicans are a party, not an ideology and that party is responsible to the ideology, not the other way around. It is our job to keep them honest, and those that defend the party when indefensible are simply party hacks. It is hard for many conservatives to be too critical of this party this because many of us have grown up listening to the talking heads, but keep in mind that that is all they are- we can not lose sight of the core principles, since the current situation is evidence of what happens when we do. If it takes a tongue-lashing to get our party back, then that is what we do- but we do not stop in the middle of the fight and hope they learned their lesson. We beat the diseased entity until it's on the ground, and then when it's on the ground we kick it and stomp it until it is out. Then we help up the now exorcised party and provide the nurturing and support, all the while keeping the crucifix near by in case they get out of line again.

I do not think all of the critics of the speech had contempt, for example (IMO) Rush had a different perspective on what kind speech should have been delivered, and in lecturing (and masturbatory ego-stroking) he overlooked the galvanization that Beck has given the conservatives- which were the target audience. This was NOT for the Republicans. Republicans are only an organized group of representatives, and when they get out of line it is managements responsibility to call them out and to reprimand if necessary.

We, as conservatives, have to remember that this is our brief time as the "King of the Hill", largely due to the tea party movement. We are at our strongest right now and must not squander the opportunity to rid Washington of this liberal agenda, and we can not do that with an unclean party. The things Glenn spoke about in his CPAC speech are a necessary first step.

Anonymous said...

Republican leadership remains obsessed with the sexual and spiritual lives of the American people.

Somehow, I believe the nation has many more critical things to address than what goes on in bedrooms, or whether kids are compelled to "voluntarily" recite a government-selected and mandated prayer in the classrooms.

Things like deficits, unConstitutional agencies and regulations, and sending our youngsters to die for people who will still hate our guts.

Nikki said...

I agree with him 1000%...:)N

The Conservative Lady said...

Well said, Clifton.
I, too, can see both sides. I think Glenn Beck often lumps the GOP with the Dems to put pressure on them. He has stated respect for Sen. DeMint, Rep. Bachmann and some others, but I think he wants the rest to be aware that they are being watched now and will not get away with their RINO tendencies.
My biggest fear is a third party. It will divide the vote and hand the win over to the other side. The GOP would be smart to take the Tea Party movement to heart and return to conservative principles.

victoria said...

I'm not what you would call a Beck fan by any means although I'm starting to respect him more because he is extremely well-read. But I do agree we need to hold Republicans' feet to the fire.

As of this moment, I'm not entirely sure what the Republicans are doing that requires reinforcements? Are they really toeing the line on these issues? I'm hoping but not really expecting much...

Anonymous said...

Levin's nastiness and name-calling re Beck comes off as jealousy and it's a turn-off for me. Rush addressed this far more maturely on his show yesterday. I agree with both Rush and Glenn even though they have different points of view. Rush is correct in saying that a third party candidate cannot win and will basically gift another term to BO, however, Glenn is correct is pointing out that the Repubs have a lot to answer for. As exhibit A, I give you Scott Brown. I don't know what the solution is. I just know that calling someone a clown won't accomplish anything. Levin needs to face the fact that Beck is more popular than he is and accept it. Conservatives need to work together and the issues are too critical for this type of schoolyard nonsense.

Soloman said...

Cliff.. I saw this at Rebel's page and posted about it, and just added a link to you her too.

I agree with ozzie, who said everything I have to say and then some. I also agree with JACG - if not for Beck I might not be here discussing this with you, as my blog began March 18th and was directly inspired by Beck's March 15th event so many of us attended.

I think it's maybe some sour grapes on Levin's part, although since I don't listen to him regularly I don't want to judge.

Ultimately, we must locally support our conservative choice, and then come the general elections of 2010 we all have choices to make.

Clifton B said...

Dave in Boca:

This is why I agree with both men. I just think there needs to be more balance in their approach.

Clifton B said...

Just A Conservative Girl:

What I found ironic about Levin's remarks is that he calls for unity, yet doesn't seem to show much unity for Beck. Beck has been instrumental in getting the Tea Parties cooking and removing two radical rascals from the White House. Levin is great at information and setting an example for how to deal with lefties, but lets face it, he has not done as much as Beck.

Clifton B said...


You are correct. Nothing has been more detrimental to the conservative movement than wayward RINOs. When we had the majority under Bush, very little changed and that is because we had too many unprincipled Republicans. We all chose quantity over quality. Sure it is nice to have the majority, but what good is it if they are not on the same page with the most basic elements?

Beck is right to keep the pressure on wayward Republicans. America is looking over an economic cliff, if we are to pull back from the brink, we are going to need honest and principle people. That simply isn't going to happen by supporting the Republican Party over Conservative principles.

Clifton B said...

The Friendly Grizzly:

I have to disagree a little bit. I think that Republican leadership is too concerned about playing the "compassion game" with the Democrats.

Look at this foolish health care summit. All polls show that Americans rank healthcare reform at 4, 5 or even 6. So why are Republicans afraid to simply tell the Dems no go on healthcare we are working on the economy instead. Republicans won't do it because they want to seem as compassionate as the Democrats.

Compassion should not trump the 5 alarm fire happening in our financial house!

Clifton B said...


Beck or Levin?

Clifton B said...


Beck just have to be careful not to blur the lines too much. One way he might do that is to call out more wayward Republicans by name.

Clifton B said...


" As of this moment, I'm not entirely sure what the Republicans are doing that requires reinforcements? Are they really toeing the line on these issues?"

Exactly! We should only be reinforcing correct behavior.

Clifton B said...


You make excellent points. In the case of Scott Brown, I say we use him. He promised to vote against ObamaCare. Fine! However, come 2012 when ObamaCare is totally dead, we should drop our support for Brown unless he gets his principles in check.

Sadly, we are between a rock and a hard place right now. Since removing Democratic control of Congress is top priority, we may have to bend on principle a little. I am not saying we go back to packing Congress with RINOs but we do have to keep our eye on the numbers. If the choice becomes voting for a RINO or another two years of Pelosi and Reid, then we have to bite the bullet.

Clifton B said...


Rush, Levin and Beck all got me to spring into action. However, Beck was a lot more instrumental because he directly called us all to action.

From the first time Levin went after Beck, I too sensed Sour Grapes. I think I understand why. Levin did say he was going to fight liberals from day one, but Beck's efforts have been much more successful.

Thanks again for the linkage!

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