Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girlie Man Schwarzenegger: “Tea Parties not going anywhere”

Arnold, Arnold, Arnold, please do us all a favor and become a Democrat already. How out of touch can he be?  Does Arnold actually think that the Tea Party movement is just going to vanish as soon as the economy is back on track?  The Tea Party movement is here to rid the nation of these irresponsible spendthrifts on both sides of the aisle.

Schwartzenegger is a prime example of what the Tea Parties are trying to change. Politicians who promise fiscal responsibility and then abandon that pledge the second they are elected.
If the nation were looking for bipartisanship, Massachusetts would not have elected a Republican. What the people want is an end to the irresponsible spending and if gridlock is the only way to get it, so be it.

Hopefully, Californians will take a page from Left Coast Rebel and tune out this Girlie Man once and for all.


Opus #6 said...

I hope CA can find some relief from the overspending. Gridlock would be an improvement.

dave in boca said...

Uh, yeah, Ahnuld, you're about as credible on taxes as you are on the T[axed] E[nough] A[lready] Party's future.

You should be recalled like Gray Davis, who at least kept his mouth shut so he wouldn't reveal his utter lack of wit. Ahnuld is a clueless Demo-rat.

jodetoad said...

He's a great example of the RINOs we will be getting rid of.

Patricia said...

This is what happens when you sleep with a Kennedy.

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