Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A brief word on Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” on Tea Parties

Normally I waste no time reading anything by Keith Olbermann, because I find him to be a complete buffoon using big words and self-righteousness in a snide display of pseudo intelligence.  However after reading a few of my fellow blogger’s posts on Olbermann’s recent Special Comment on the Tea Party movement, I parted from tradition and read his nonsense.

Basically, Olbermann Special Comment can be summed up as follows:
  1. Inside every white person is a racist yearning to discriminate against minorities.
  2. Tea Parties are a covert way to discriminate against a black president.
  3.  His belief that there are no minorities at Tea Parties proves assertions 1 & 2. 
Lets unpack Olbermann’s nonsense one by one. Starting with every white person having an inner racist. I immediately think of my best friend. He comes from a very a large and very conservative Irish Catholic family. In this large family there are several interracial marriages that have produced interracial offspring.  Where was their “inner cracker” yearning for some old fashion discrimination?  Even on a national level, Barack Obama would never have been president if a large number of white people did not pull the lever for Hope and Change at the voting booth. Where was all of their dormant racism?

As for Tea Parties being a covert way to express racism, clearly Olbermann never bothered to actually go to a Tea Party. If he did go to a Tea Party he would have found that the vast majority of people are mad over government run amuck.  Olbermann cannot fathom this as the true reason because like so many liberals, he simply cannot ever say some of the policies the left pushes really, really suck. Liberals will blame any and everything under the sun before they blame their policies. Look at Obama; he blames healthcare’s failure on the notion that he did not explain it enough, despite giving almost 30 speeches on the topic. So, for Olbermann, the reason must be something else … racism. And at MSNBC, they are all about finding racism even if they have to make it up.

Finally regarding Tea Parties not having minorities, Olbermann is clearly wrong. There are minorities at Tea Parties, I should know, I have been to a few. Granted the number of minorities at Tea Parties do not reflect the national make up. However, when you look at the way minorities who embrace conservative thought are treated, you can see why few attend. Kenneth Gladney was singled out for a beat down by SEIU thugs simply because he was a black man at a conservative event. Look at the ridicule heap upon black conservatives like JC Watts, Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice or Clarence Thomas simply because they do not buy into the white liberal agenda. How many blacks or minorities are willing to experience treatment like that?  But there is a bright side, in the voting booth, where there is only you, God and that lever, minorities are free to express their true beliefs however they see fit. Proposition 8 in California makes that clear.

Finally, I would like to point out that Olbermann’s view of the Tea Parties is merely his own views projected on all white Americans. Think about this, Keith Olbermann attended a predominately white Ivy League school, he lives in a predominately white enclave in NYC and he works for a predominately white cable station. If anyone is finding covert ways of releasing their inner racist, it is Olbermann himself.

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Unknown said...

Eh, olby is just making a misplaced confession about his own inner-self. I feel that people that cast blame at others are constantly feeling guilty and have self-doubt about their own feelings and attitudes.

On a side note, Condi will be guest speaker at Trinity University on April 8th. Not only will I get extra credit for attending, but I will actually see someone that has something important to say unlike the Friedman "Global Warming" discussion last night.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

The man is truly insane.

Keyboard Jockey said...

Who approves the copy at MSNBC?

Their diversity leader?

Olbermann is the FACE, he has producers, someone who writes his copy, staff etc...oh and he has a contract he has to honor.

Who is really running NBCU? The Justice Brothers?

Clifton B said...

Wow you get to see Condi live? Lucky boy. Do me a favor, take excellent notes and try to get a picture. I will give a guest post to tell us how it was.

Clifton B said...


Like I said, I really try not to waste any time reading or watching this buffoon.

Clifton B said...

Keyboard Jockey:

At this stage I am beginning to think that MSNBC is run by 1,000 monkeys. They sit around throwing their pooh and if anything sticks, then it becomes that day's news. The place is a hot mess.

Angie Lee said...

Dude's got some serious projection goin' on.

What about white women? Are we racist, too, even though we're also a "minority?"

And what about guys like you, Cliff?

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