Friday, February 11, 2011

VIDEO: Herman Cain at CPAC 2011

Herman Cain is on my shortlist for 2012. Aside from the obvious (he's a another black conservative) I like the fact that Herman Cain is a long time businessman and an outsider to Washington.  My only concern about him is that he has never run a national campaign before.

I am concerned about this because 2012 is going to be brutal.  First, the left has set new standards for low with their continued attacks on Palin.  All that nasty stuff they throw at Palin will be thrown at the GOP nominee, make no mistake about that.  Is Cain ready for all that? Nothing would be more devastating than to have a good man like Cain tarred, smeared and defeated because he wasn't ready for the grinder.

Hopefully the GOP nomination will be extra nasty so that we can gauge how well Cain handles himself.

Via: CPAC Live


Anonymous said...

That was a great speech ! I assume he was showing he had "nothing up his sleeves" when he was pulling up his coat sleeves ?
I just hope he picks a winning team to run his campaign. As you've matter who the Republican candidate is, it's going to be a horrendous attack from the left.

SB Smith

Clifton B said...

SB Smith:

Cain's showing his sleeve is a jab at Obama. He is showing how he is speaking without notes (nothing up his sleeve) or a teleprompter. The man has some serious speaking skills. 10x better than Obama on teleprompter.

Yes, I am sounding the alarm now on the brutality of 2012. Some conservatives seem to think that so long as it isn't Palin the left will not be so bad. WRONG!

Unknown said...

Cain is the person I want as my president. I think he can change minds. I love the fact that he teaches when he speaks. I love this guy. I think he can no doubt take the slander he will get from the left. And I also think he will be able to throw it back in their face and use it to its advantage.

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