Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maine's Governor to push for Right-to-Work law

Politico: In an interview at the National Governors Association, the Republican praised Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and couched his own proposal in the language of liberty loved by tea partiers.
"He's got a big challenge, and quite frankly, once they start reading our budget they're going to leave Wisconsin and come to Maine because we're going after right to work," LePage told POLITICO.
"I believe that the Declaration of Independence says 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,'" he said. "Whenever someone forces me to do something against my will, they're infringing upon my freedoms and my liberties. And that's what I think we're doing in Maine when we have fair share, which means that you are required to belong to a union, you're required to pay dues but you don't want to participate. I find that to be against everything the United States of America stands for."
LePage was unsure about the feasibility of passing right-to-work legislation.
Good luck with that Governor LePage.  Maine is still a very liberal state and the Republicans there might as well be Democrats.  Unions will come down on LePage like a ton of bricks because he is focusing on one of the key ways unions retain power.

I don't see much success for Maine becoming a Right-to-Work state, but if handled correctly the debate should be useful for the national conversation and to expose some of union's strong arm tactics.

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