Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video: Chris Christe's speech at the American Enterprise Institue - UPDATED

I have not had a chance to watch all of this video yet, but I wanted to share it with all of you.  Commentary will follow shortly.  Enjoy.


In this speech, Chris Christie has given congressional Republicans both the tone and the language to win the budget debate.  It is a simple formula, tell the truth and be forceful about it.

Republicans must flatly and forcefully tell the hard cold truth, the nation is broke.  Our days of spend it now and pay for it later has finally caught up to us. Now, not tomorrow, is the time to save ourselves. Talk of "investment" spending is dangerously irresponsible. 

Hopefully, Christies' words today will cause more than just a few Republicans to gird their loins and do the right thing.

Regarding Christie 2012, I am not 100% convinced he will not run.  Christie has said time and time again he fears for his children's future.  If that is true, how does one sit idly by as no one steps up to the plate?  Like Ann Coulter, I am not going to write off Christie 2012 until later in the year.

Should Christie run, I am going to have to think long and hard about it, because I am torn.  On one hand, Christie has all the things needed to win (the message, the toughness and the solutions).  On the other hand it is that very toughness that gives me pause.  It is no secret that Christie isn't a stone cold conservative.  So on those issues where he differs from conservatives, he will bring that toughness to fight against us.  Imagine how much different the illegal immigration debate would have gone if George W. Bush was as tough as Christie?

Before I vote for Christie I would have to know where Christie and I differ on the issues, then be willing to live with the possibility of losing on some of those issues.

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Lisa said...

I read the write-up on Fox News. Love it. Love him. I do not agree with him on some big issues and don't think he's particularly conservative, but man, he can really cut to the point. He is completely refreshing. He nailed it. Republicans and Dems are f*ing this up.

btw, the word verification below is "haters". wtf? lol

Funny Videos said...

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Anonymous said...

I love how he calls out the Reps: stop being such pu**ies! Americans elected you for a damn reason.

Seriously, republicans, we voted for you in Nov 2 for some reason, please, stop being such pansies. Christie had shown you that there IS an American waiting for you to do the hard thing, like he said, you won't vaporize like those liberals told you would. You would still be standing tall, along with CC, after 2012 if you live up to your promises.

2nd Anony

Just a conservative girl said...

My understanding he has some cap and tax issues. That alone means he is out to me.

I was talking to someone at CPAC from NJ over the weekend. She has not met with Christie, but has met with his staff. She is 100% convinced he will not run, because the reality is you really only have 1 shot at it nowadays. he will wait until Obama is out office. I also think that he believes that not serving a full term as Gov. will really hurt him. I don't think he will run.

Clifton B said...


I agree, he has the message and the method of delivery down pat. Republicans should clone him! As a NJ resident, I have no problem with his squishiness, but as a president though, I do take pause.

Clifton B said...

Funny Videos:

Not bad.

Clifton B said...

2nd Anony:

The thing that Republicans need to learn is that they can tackle the big issues, but you have to be square with Americans first.

If they are going to tackle entitlements, then first make it crystal clear to Americans that WE ARE BROKE!

If Republicans try big cuts with a squishy message, then Democrats will win every time.

Clifton B said...


I am still not convinced he won't run or be VP (that meeting with Romney). After September, I will take him at his word.

You are correct about him not serving a full term. If he did run, he basically would be in the same boat as Sarah Palin.

bd said...

abc - thanks for the commentary

ref jacg: 100%

Anonymous said...

Not sure how using RGGI funds (the funds acquired through tax and capping NJ businesses) to fill NJ bloated budget constitutes fiscal Conservatism but no doubt someone will attempt to make a case that Christie is fiscally conservative.

On that note, NY Gov Cuomo is saying the same thing Gov Christie says about Public Sector Unions bankrupty everything.

After 21 years living in insanely myopic NYC I finally fled (Dec 2010) the madness of northeastern politicans.

Please, I beg you, no more NE politicans because if you elect an insane NE politican for President then there will be no where else in the world to flee.

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