Saturday, February 12, 2011

Palin hires Michael Glassner as Chief of Staff of SarahPAC

Yet another sign of Palin 2012?
CNN: Washington (CNN) – Sarah Palin has added a veteran Republican strategist to serve as chief-of-staff for her political action committee, Sarah PAC, CNN has learned.
Michael Glassner, an attorney and longtime adviser to former Kansas senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole, has signed on to steer the former Alaska governor's political operation as she considers a possible 2012 presidential bid.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, Glassner managed vice presidential operations during John McCain's unsuccessful White House bid.
"We are happy and excited that Mike is joining our team," Sarah PAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told CNN.
I am pretty sure Palin will run in 2012. I am not sure if she intends to run to win the White House or just to make sure her brand of conservatism prevails. She is certainly capable of doing both.
If she is running to win, I do wonder about this choice.  A guy who worked on two losing RINO campaigns doesn't sound like an idea fit for Palin.  We know trust is a big issue for Palin.  So if she picked him, she must trust him. 
Via: CNN


Anonymous said...

I trust Governor Palin, so if she trusts him, good enough for me.

OT, I am reading America From the Heart. No wonder she terrifies them.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

It might also be a way to reach out past her base to more moderate Republicans. You win primaries with your base but in the general elections you have to get independents and a few of the opposition voters as well.

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