Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rasmussen: 67% disapprove of Wisconsin's Fleebaggers

Rasmussen latest polls deals with the standoff in Wisconsin.  The poll finds that while voters are split over public sector unions and Scott Walker, they clearly dislike the Fleebagger tactic.
Rasmussen: Half of America’s voters favor public sector unions for government workers, but they strongly oppose the tactic by Wisconsin state senators to flee their state to prevent a vote that would limit the rights of such unions.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that only 25% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of this tactic, while 67% disapprove. State legislators in Indiana have used the same approach to avoid a vote in their state. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
Sizable majorities of Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party reject such a strategy. Democrats are fairly evenly divided, with 48% approving and 44% disapproving.
Voters are split on support of unions:
Voters continue to be closely divided over the question of public employee unions themselves. Fifty percent (50%) at least somewhat favor such unions, while 44% oppose them. These figures include 25% who Strongly Favor the unions and 25% who are Strongly Opposed.
Support for Scott Walker is also on the edge:
Forty-seven percent (47%) of voters nationwide now support Walker, virtually unchanged from earlier this week. Forty-two percent (42%) support the unions for teachers and other state employees in the standoff, up from 38% in the previous survey. Eleven percent (11%) remain undecided.
Seventy-five percent (75%) of Republicans and 53% of voters not affiliated with either of the major political parties agree with the governor. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Democrats side with the union workers.
I think if the standoff in Wisconsin goes wrong, these numbers will move one way or the other depending on who looks like the bad guy. If Walker allows this to drag out very long he may come up the loser. On the other hand, if unions continue to escalate their aggression, they could end up the losers.
The clear losers are the Fleebaggers.  I wish Rasmussen would have asked folks why they disapprove.  Is it because it looks like they are sore losers or is it because they are shirking their responsibilities.  I would love to know.
Click over to Rasmussen to see the rest of the results, they are quite interesting.


Foxmuldar Blog said...

Unfortunately 50% in favor of Unions is not good. Don't those folks realize they are paying for the high salaries and free healthcare along with the pensions that most of us will never see. Why not ask teachers to start funding our pensions. lol Well its no different since we the taxpayer are bailing out those lazy asses who accept fake sick passes. Teachers work maybe 8 months of the year, and get paid for 12. Wouldn't we all like that gig?

Quite Rightly said...

The unions are gaining public approval?

It looks like the Fleebaggers were crazy like foxes.

They may get voted out of office, but the unions will keep them pretty comfortable in the end.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I'd love to say I'm surprised... but I'd be lying.

Reed said...

Actually, foxmulder, that fifty percent is just below the number of people with no tax liability; so, no they're not aware because they don't pay for any of the above. (And I say just below the number because although most government employees have a tax burden, what they owe is simply money that came from a treasury going back into the same treasury.)

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