Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sacrifice is for the little people: Michelle Obama vacations in Vail, Co.

WTF, Michelle is on another lavish vacation?
Vail Daily: VAIL, Colorado — First lady Michelle Obama is among the Presidents Day weekend crowd.
Obama arrived Friday night for a weekend of skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek, according to local sources.
A motorcade of about a dozen vehicles, including 15 state and local law enforcement officers, traveled from the Eagle County Regional Airport to Vail on Friday night, according to the Colorado State Patrol. Roads were temporarily blocked to make way for the motorcade in Eagle.
The motorcade entered an underground garage beneath the Sebastian hotel in Vail Village shortly after 9:30 p.m.[MORE]
A few of bloggers are pointing out the hypocrisy of the Obamas because of this little lecture on sacrifice from The Won:

They are right.  One of the things leaders are expected to do is lead by example.  Obama had the misfortune of being elected a Recessionary President.  Fair or not,being a Recessionary President means you have to tighten your belt just like the regular folks. The Obamas just don't seem to get it (and it appears neither does Joe Biden)


Quite Rightly said...

Most people who feel other people's pain don't enjoy it quite this much.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a pathological narcissist. He is incapable of even Noticing when he lies or makes a Giant hypocrit of himself.
People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder also cannot handle criticism. They flail about crying foul about how rude the other person was to them.
Hmm....sound familiar ?

SB Smith

Justin said...

I'm getting about tired of the President's lectures about how "we all need skin in the game." Isn't that pretty much what Governor Walker is fighting for in WI...and what the President is (predictably) calling a "war against labor"?

Clifton B said...

Quite Rightly:

LOL, that is a very accurate description.

Clifton B said...

SB Smith:

Exactly, that is why Sarah Palin lives rent free in Obama's head.

Clifton B said...


Obama is merely exhibiting classic leftist elitist tendencies, you know, the old do as I say, not as I do rule.

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