Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama speaks out on Libya - finally

Aside from acting like Gaddafi's name was Voldemort, Obama's words on Libya would have been just fine if they were delivered nine days ago.  Speaking out today seems some what perfunctory like it was just another chore on the To Do List.

It puzzles me how Obama seems to drag his feet when it comes to speaking out against America's clear enemies in the Middle East.  When the Iranian protest first erupted, Obama dragged his feet.  Why?  There is no love lost between the Iranian government and us.  Taking the side of the protesters then would have been a major plus for us.  Same thing here with Libya, no love lost between Gaddafi and us.  Yet no quick support for the Libyan people.

As the Middle East unravels, it sure would be nice if we had a president who wasn't so fickle with foreign affairs.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: ABC News

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Janelle said...

It actually would be nice if we even had a President who was mediocre and not appallingly incapable.

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