Monday, February 7, 2011

National Review read my lips: "No Jeb Bush in 2012"

Oh, for the love of God, when will The National Review get it though their thicks skulls that the conservative political landscape has changed forever?  I think if I read one more hair brained article about Jeb Bush running for president I am going to scream.

Today Rich Lowry once again tries to sell the notion of Jeb in 2012.  Lowery thinks that the Bush name has been sufficiently rehabilitated and that time is running out for Jeb. Lowry also writes a real knee slapper with this line:
National Review: 7) Jeb can unite the party. Jeb probably has a better chance to unite the establishment and Tea Party wings of the GOP than anyone else, certainly a better chance than Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney would seem to have at this juncture. The establishment would presumably flock to Jeb, while he’d have a record of solid conservative accomplishment to sell to the conservative base. Some tea partiers will have zero interest in another Bush, and Jeb will take his lumps on immigration (at NR, we’ll look forward to administering some of them, and trying to change his mind). It’s a very volatile environment, and were he to run, much would obviously depend on how he actually campaigned. But he would stand a good chance of avoiding a damaging division in the party.
Jeb could unite the party better than Palin or Romney?  Come on Lowry, this is pure fantasy.  The base has made it quite clear they are washing their hands of moderates like Bush, Romney and the rest of the soggy cucumber sandwiches. Jeb's brand of conservatism is not so great that it can over come his stance on immigration, so where does Lowry get the idea that Jeb could unite the party?

Once Obama and the Democrats began the fundamental transformation of America and conservatives took to the streets, wishy washy moderates like Jeb became obsolete. If the National Review continues to cling to such outdated candidates, then the National Review may very well find themselves obsolete as well.

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Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I totally agree Clifton!

I like the man but his brand of politics if not relegated to the trash heap of history is better suited to the local or state level as was proved with his leadership in Florida.

Lowry should look to others from FL such as their newly minted Senator Rubio for the direction of the conservative movement as he is the type to unite the faction's.

Just a conservative girl said...

He was very popular in Florida. I also think we elected the wrong Bush for president from the get go.

I don't know enough about his record, luckily he doesn't want to run.

He may go for senate though.

bd said...

used to think that m savage was a salacious, self-absorbed, attention whore with his "liberalism is a mental disorder" mantra; several years later, sadly had to subscribe given the breadth and depth of the meanness and corrosiveness the left exhibits on every front without exception; several years after that, see pundits making more "genteel" references to the same premise

no other explanation fits what we are seeing and experiencing

so now another proposition:
"establishment conservatives" exhibit the debilitating effects of beltway incest - signs of being delusional, suffering from "visions of grandeur", impressed with their own importance (Dirty Harry - "a legend in their own mind")

would be laughable except they occupy positions of money and influence wherein they become willing useful idiots to those they supposedly oppose...

Janelle said...

Agree 100%, Clifton.......he would be better off running for Bill Nelson's seat in the Senate.

Just a conservative girl said...

Just watched a group of RNC voters in Iowa. They want Newt or Mitt, and they also love Huckabee.

I would take Jeb over them.

Clifton B said...


I am very surprised at the number of GOP hopefuls who are considering running who do not realize their expiration date has come and gone.

Look for a very large second tier this time around.

Clifton B said...


I agree Jeb would have been better than George. Unfortunately the damage is done and cannot be undone anytime soon. So Jeb should concentrate on the senate.

Clifton B said...


For establishment Republicans the key is exactly what Beck said to Bill Kristol about maintaining their fiefdom. They have already accepted Obama 2.0 so long as they remain key players.

This is why they detest Palin or any other outsider who will upset their apple cart.

Clifton B said...


Good idea, give Jeb something local.

Hot Sam said...

Agree with all of the above.

It would be nice if our party listened to its members a little more often.

The Democrat Party would do well to listen to its member far less often.

Clifton B said...


I saw that too, Lord we have our work cut out for us. It is crucial to start the education process now, so that conservatives don't go wasting their votes on RINO losers.

Clifton B said...

Nick Rowe:

Our party is way too concerned with keeping their fiefdom than with anything else.

Patricia said...

For the love of God and country just say no to another Busk, Clinton or Kennedy.

I would like to see Trump run. You know he loves the country and would do what is best for America before we become Chinaica.

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