Monday, February 28, 2011

Hill Poll: More Americans would blame Democrats for government shutdown

The Hill: Twenty-nine percent of likely voters would blame Democrats for a government shutdown, compared to 23 percent who would hold Republicans responsible, according to a new poll conducted for The Hill. [...]
Republicans have a substantial edge among independents: Thirty-four percent would blame Democrats, while only 19 percent would blame the GOP.
However, there are dangers for both parties, the poll indicates. A plurality of voters, 43 percent, would blame both Republicans and Democrats if the lights go out at midnight on March 5. Forty-five percent of respondents said neither party would benefit politically from a shutdown. 
I am rather surprised that the numbers are not stronger.  Despite the endless comparisons to the 1995 shutdown, the situation is completely different today.  Today, the nation is on the fast track to bankruptcy and many Americans know it.  Thus, Democrats refusing almost any cuts makes them look highly irresponsible.

Seeing so many Americans willing to blame both parties, tells me that Republicans have not done a good job telling Americans are true financial situation.  Again we need an adult to step forward and tell the nation the truth ...We're Broke!

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The Hill


Euripides said...

The numbers in favor of fiscal restraint stem from a growing number of independents who no long believe either party. They'll only believe those who seriously look at the problems and try to fix them. Unfortunately, the two parties still control Congress.

Liz said...

You should be that adult Clifton. Keep speaking out.

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