Saturday, February 19, 2011

VIDEO: Herman Cain at TEA Party Rally in Wisconsin

Herman is fired up!  I think his opening statement pretty much puts things in perspective.  Union employees are not the majority of workers and it is the majority of workers, who pay the bills, that are saying enough is enough with the lavish benefits.  Cain really has this crowd going.  Exposure at this event will no doubt help raise his profile for the primaries.

Rolling updates on the TEA Party rally at Weasel Zippers and Gateway Pundit

Via: Memeorandum
Video h/t: Weasel Zippers


Michael L. Roy said...

I like what Mr. Cain is saying, I also heard his speech given at CPAC and think that he was absoulutely right. He has a dynamic personality. My question still remains, how will he answer the 'experience' question that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Palin fail at. I won't vote for Mr. Romeney.

sarainitaly said...


Anonymous said...

Another great speech and message from Herman Cain. Thank you for posting this. I think Romney and Huckabee won't get far because they're old news from the 2008 election plus Romney's own bad healthcare program for Massachusetts will hinder him this time.
If you like Herman Cain, start emailing info. about him including his site link to everybody !
I have.

SB Smith

Clifton B said...

Michale Lamay Roy:

Welcome to ABC. Cain is a great candidate. He doesn't have experience running a city or a state, but unlike Obama he has run a very large corporations.

Palin has tons of experience, she was a council member, mayor, commissioner, governor, business owner and now a media empire. The gal knows how to run things.

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