Thursday, February 24, 2011

So much for "civility"

Just last month the left was wringing their hands and wetting the bed over the need for civility in our political discourse.  My, my, my what a difference a month makes.  Today we have a lefty union guy swinging at a Tea Party girl.

Lefty protesters harassing black conservatives.

More lefty protesters calling white conservatives "Bad Jew".

Even Democrat politicians are getting into the act, saying "you need to get a little bloody"

So what does all this mean?  Not just the obvious that the left is populated by hypocrites of the first order, but also the left's call for civility is really just a big old "shut up" in disguise.  So the next time the left gets their panties in a bunch over "civility", we should all smile knowingly and then collectively give them the finger!

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Hot Sam said...

I love when they say, "Unions: The Folks Who Brought you the Weekend."

My response is:

"Unions: The folks who brought you time-and-a-half for working weekends, double-time for working holidays, and spiking your pension with a year's worth of vacation that you didn't take, and putting your employer out of business."

bd said...

nice, but vulgarity is the leftist stock and trade - they revel in getting slimed since that is their native habitat...

smile and remind them that civility is a "c word" (makes little sense, but you got to consider your audience)

Janelle said...

Way to go, union folks.....keep on displaying your truly low class, abhorrent qualities. And definitely hang on to Obama's coattails even harder and please let it be known that he is your best buddy.

Anonymous said...

Notice how, in the first video, the protester, after losing an argument, basically said "there's no reason to have an intelligent debate." And the reason for that is because the other side is "not intelligent" in his opinion.

That's the problem with the left: they do not have a set of standard which to argue with, because THEY set the standard, on the spot. So no matter how it gos, the other side is always wrong, because they FEEL it.

Thank the Lords of Kobol for internet and thanks to the capitalists for cheap video cameras to capture the vile evilness of the leftists.

It's time for the public sector to go away completely. They have NO right to use our money to lobby to tax more of OUR money.

2nd Anony

Just a conservative girl said...

I stopped by the Freedom Works office today to drop off some baked goods. Everyone was fine and in good spirits. Tabitha did file charges with the police. The problem is they don't know the guy's name or anything, so nothing may come of it, but it is on the record.

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