Friday, February 25, 2011

Why bother? Republican's two week spending bill

Democrats are sounding very happy with the Republicans two week spending bill that includes $4 billion in microscopic spending cuts.
ABC News: The GOP’s latest proposal – a two-week spending bill with $4 billion in cuts – was designed to be hard for Democrats to resist because it is full of cuts they had already supported. For instance, the Republicans’ plan included $1.24 billion in cuts proposed by President Obama in his 2012 budget and about $2.7 billion in cuts to earmarks that both parties have already renounced.
“The American people want the government to stay open and they want us to cut spending,” Speaker of the House John Boehner said in a statement. “These stop-gap measures are only necessary because the Democrats who run Washington failed to pass a budget, failed to stop the spending binge that’s threatened job growth, and failed to lead.”
The House will come back into session on Monday and is expected to complete debate and vote on the two-week extension on Tuesday. Boehner predicted they would pass it in short order and called on Senate Democrats to follow suit.
“Once the House passes our second continuing resolution early next week, I’m hopeful Senator Reid will quickly hold a vote on our short-term proposal so we can ensure the government remains open and that we’re addressing the need to cut spending to create a better environment for job growth,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said.
Judging from their response to the GOP’s plan, it’s clear Democrats are indeed warming up to it. Case in point: now they’re using words like “encouraged” and “moving closer” and “good idea.”
First, I hope TEA Party Republicans throw a monkey wrench into this foolish and unnecessary plan.  Second, of course Democrats love the idea.  It includes all the the cuts they wanted and they will act like the $4 billion cut is a $4 trillion cut, then two weeks later we will be right back to where we were with the $61 billion cuts.  
The words "We're broke" should have been falling out of every Republican's lips from November 3rd. Had they done that, Democrats' foot dragging on cutting spending would look like the dangerously irresponsible behavior it is.
Republicans need to stop being fearful about a government shutdown. This is not 1995. Conservatives have resources to break through the media filter and explain that during a government shutdown, the government doesn't really shutdown.
Too bad Scott Walker and Chris Christie cannot give testosterone injections to the Republican leadership.
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Just a conservative girl said...

I watched a special on this the other day. It said how bad it gets is totally up to the president how it goes. He would have the power to make it easy or make it hard. We both know he would make it hard and blame it on the republicans. This may be a prudent thing if that is the case. I am talking in terms of re-election, because we both know whose side the media will take.

bd said...

all well and good - no easy/sure action... as per abc, when will "republicans" declare and act on principle/consistent-ideology instead of political expediency(?)

we cannot expect to see the ship of state make course corrections if no leadership/initiative is demonstrated; going back to past election talk: "rather loose w/ a principled conservative candidate than win with a demonstrated rino/wuss"

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