Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John Boehner on Federal Worker job loss: "So be it"

Washington Wire [emphasis mine]: House Speaker John Boehner expressed little sympathy Tuesday for federal workers who lose their jobs as the result of Republican budget cutting.
“In the last two years, under President Obama, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs,” Mr. Boehner told reporters Tuesday morning during a press conference in the lobby of the Republican National Committee, according to various news outlets. “If some of those jobs are lost, so be it. We’re broke.”
Republicans in the House are considering legislation on the floor this week that seeks to slash $62 billion from the federal budget by the end of September. Those reductions – which face significant resistance in the Democratically controlled Senate – would result in drastic reductions at just about every federal agency.
Republicans campaigned on the promise to cut federal spending in the run-up to the 2010 election. That pledge, if enacted, will inevitably result in job losses at the federal and state level. But Mr. Boehner’s “so be it” line marks a coarse reversal from his more sympathetic “Where are the jobs?” mantra from the last election.
The associations that represent government workers are scrambling to minimize the pain as cost-cutting takes hold in Washington.

Ah, but there is a huge difference between private sector jobs and government jobs.  Private sector jobs are paid for by the wealth that is created from free enterprise.  Government jobs are paid for taxpayers and those taxpayers have been taking a beating with forclosures, unemployment and rising prices.  Government employee salaries at this point is just another burden on their backs.
So while no one wants to see anyone lose a job, government jobs at this point come at a very painful price.


Just a conservative girl said...

How many of those jobs are actually necessary? Not many I would venture to say. Since I live just outside of DC I can assure you that government workers know there is a great deal of waste, but since it pays the bills (quite nicely in many instances) they don't say anything.

Clifton B said...


We all know that there are tons of unnecessary government jobs. Lord knows how many aides to aides each congress person has.

Angie Lee said...

If the Dems were sooooo concerned about it, they should have passed a budget last year when they still had control of both chambers. Instead, they decided to play chicken with the voters... and lost.

Too bad, so sad. My heart is pumping purple Kool-Aid for their pain.

Nerokorn@aol.com said...

Typical Conservative. Cold. Callous. Brutal. Let someone else lose their job as long as its someone else. In your let's-go-back-to-the-good-old-days world everything was hunky dory as long as the "regular" (read Archie Bunker's reference to "Black Elmo" and Regular Elmo") guys were taken care of. The whole reason for government growing in the first place was because the conservatives in their respective states couldn't be trusted to follow the rules when it came to people of color. You'll note I didn't say Republican or Democrat. I said conservative. Tell me when was Martin King a member of the Conservative Citizens Council? Did he and Haley Barbour carpool to the meetings? Deep down in places you don't want to talk about race still matters and it will continue to until we stop treating it like our brother is beating his wife and the family doesn't want to discuss or correct it. You know the whole thing flipped from the "Dixiecrats" (L.B.J. signed that dreaded (as in Dred Scott) Civil Rights Act leaving those southern democrats without a home) until your patron saint of Conservatism (Ronald the older I get the better I was Reagan)kicked off his Presidential campaign in the same place three civil rights freedom riders were murdered (Philadelphia, Mississippi) as a way of letting those segregationists who longed for the good old days know they had a home in the Republican party. You want to find money? Check Halliburton, Blackwater and the oil companies profits prior to George W. Bush's election and after. How come no one in the "liberal media" has bothered to ask how much money the insurance companies have funneled to our conservative and liberal congressmen and senators to defeat the President's healthcare reforms?Your side didn't say word one when Bush, Jr. put two wars on the credit card. Its all about spending money only where you want it spent. America must reinvest in its own ingenuity. Alternative sources of fuel and energy. You want to revive the economy? Since we averted a Depression, make those same banks we saved forgive one fourth of the mortgage on the homes of those people who make between $30,000 and $250,000 yearly. If the government shuts down, I present a motion no one in Congress gets paid first and they should not be paid until they can come up with a budget both sides agree upon.

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