Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RIP: Indiana's Right-to-Work bill dies

We can pretty much lay this right at the feet of Mitch The Wuss Daniels. Did yo hear that "POOF" sound?  That was Daniels presidential aspirations going up in smoke.

The Indy Channel: Republican leaders at the Statehouse conceded Wednesday, killing so-called right-to-work legislation that prompted House Democrats to leave the state in protest.
Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma confirmed that the legislation would not come back this session, and that he would not allow right-to-work language to be amended into another bill in the House, 6News' Norman Cox reported.
Senate Leader David Long made the same commitment for the Senate. [MORE]


Jenny said...

IMO, you comments were being kind to Daniels. I agree, I sure hope he didn't have plans for higher office.

R.I.P. courage in the face of bullies

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Of course... We displaced paleoconservatives know better then to think the Tea Party era is anything in our favor.

bd said...

so pathetic - hope that in electorate pronounces md as burnt toast

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