Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now Show, No Dough! Wisconsin Dems must collect paychecks in person

Unlike Mitch Daniels, Wisconsin Republicans know better than to cave to AWOL Democrats.  Instead of throwing in the towel at the first sign of conflict, Wisconsin Republicans get creative.
Hot Air: A nice first step. The next step, after the “fleebaggers” (as they’re now being called on Twitter) have come home, should be to pass a law retroactively docking their pay for the days they missed. Senate Republicans can’t do that now, I believe, because it’s a fiscal measure and those require a 20-member quorum. But soon enough, soon enough.
[MOTION] That the Chief Clerk provide the paycheck, per diem check, and any expense reimbursement check of any Senator who is absent without leave for 2 or more session days to the Majority Leader for the absent member to pick up in person. Until the Majority Leader authorizes the Chief Clerk to reinstate direct deposit, the Chief Clerk shall suspend the direct deposit of the paycheck of any such Senator and process the Senator’s pay as a paper check. The Majority Leader shall provide the checks only to the absent Senator and only on the floor of the Senate during a session day.

Yes this is a nice first step, one that I would have taken on day one. Quite frankly, I see no reason why they should get a paycheck in the first place.  Their job is not to hide out in other states and give interviews from "undisclosed locations", their job is to craft legislation, debate and vote.  They certainly have not been doing any of those things for the last couple of days.

I still think it was a big mistake for Walker and Senate Republicans not to pass the collective bargaining parts of the bill separately.  I think doing so would send a clear message to the AWOL Dems that their little game is futile. 

Via: Hot Air


bd said...

yes, so disheartened to not see any substantive discussion or q/a why they have not availed themselves of this option

maybe they have a real solid reason/strategy to not take such action, but given the track-record of repubs in general, wiffs of rino duty

Patricia said...

If the republicans in Wisconsin began voting on the voter ID you would see those liberals rush back to stop the vote.

Nothing makes them panic more than the thought of having an honest election.

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