Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video: Black Mamas don't play

Booker Rising [via: Huffington Post]: He had to work a different corner each day last week (hopefully this is being followed up with hands-on instruction since she has significant responsibility for why his grades are bad in the first place). From the Huffington Post (hat tip: TheRoot.com): "Ronda Holder is forcing her 15-year-old son, James Mond III, to stand on a street corner with a sign around his neck that says: 'I did four questions on my FCAT [Florida aptitude test] and said I wasn't going to do it...GPA 1.22...honk if I need education.' Holder says her son will appreciate it some day." 
More: "Holder said she wants other parents and kids to pay attention. So far, it's working; she says one man honked all the way around the corner." 
Home girl looks like she will give Tiger Mom Amy Chua a good run for her money. 

This video reminds me why I was such a well behaved student in school. My mother, Queen of The Follow Up, always followed through on any threat she made. So when she told my siblings and I that if she ever got a call from our school that we were acting up, she would come down there and whip us right in front of the class, we knew better than to risk it.

Both my parents were as serious as a heart attack when it came to our education.  They sometimes let us slide on little things like chores, curfew or fashions, but when it came to school and grades, my parents did not give an inch.  At the time, they seemed like evil task masters, but today I don't think I can thank them enough for their persistence. 

h/t: Booker Rising


Adam said...

That's parenting for ya, you keep trying until something works. If being on his butt about doing well in school wasn't doing the job a little old fashioned embarrassment might just be the ticket. In the end all kids at some point have to learn there's no free ride to easy street.

Hot Sam said...

Strong black mothers are holding everything together in the broken families of the inner cities. They deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts.

They work hard and sacrifice their own well-being for their children, hold strong faith in the Lord, and aren't afraid to stand up to the thugs who try to steal away their children.

God bless them!

maddmath said...

I wish I had just ONE parent that was like this when I was teaching.

bd said...

to all - yes, and now with too many babies having babies the ethical grounding of our society is eroding - strong parents are an endangered species

also, the dysfunction of the culture at large and the pervasiveness of our infatuation with celebrity, slime, and leisure means that the fl mom's plight is precarious

Clifton B said...


In the end all kids at some point have to learn there's no free ride to easy street

and the sooner they learn this lesson the better.

Clifton B said...

Nick Rowe:

Sadly, we are starting to run low on strong black mothers. God bless the ones we got.

Clifton B said...


I bet it would have made your job a heck of a lot easier.

Clifton B said...


Yes, parents today have an uphill battle to raise decent children. Now that common sense is starting to make a comeback, hopefully decency won't be too far behind.

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