Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are Gays the new Blacks of the DNC?

It seems like almost every time I peek in on the left side of the blogosphere, I see another rant from a gay activist about how Obama and the Democrats have thrown them under the bus. I read how gays who supported Obama’s agenda are betrayed when none of their campaign promises flesh out. They are feeling used.

This is so reminiscent of how Democrats have treated blacks for decades. Every election Democrats flock to the black community with promises to fix education, create jobs and rebuild communities, all the while pointing out supposed racist boogiemen hiding in the GOP. After the election, these Democrats recede back to their liberal ivory towers to go about their true liberal agenda until the next election. Meanwhile nothing changes for the black community.

It appears that this style of farming votes is now happening to the gay community. Obama seemed supportive and sensitive to the gay community as a candidate, but as president has repeatedly thrown the gay community under the bus from day one.

Fresh with wounds from Prop 8 in California, the gay community was thrown under the bus on the first day of the Obama administration, with the invitation of Prop 8 supporter Rick Warren to give an invocation at Obama’s Inaugural. Then came the promise of ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, only to see it put on the back burner. Now Obama offers the tiny consolation prize of domestic partner benefits for Federal employees.

Unlike the black community, the gay community seems ready for open revolt. They are threatening to stop funding, and are starting to speak out loudly against the betrayal. I hope blacks that are still stuck on the Democrats will wake up and take a page from the gay community are speak out against the broken promises, especially on education.


Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Excellent post, Clifton- sure seems to be the case.

What else to expect? He'll use you, if you let him... that's how narcissists are.

But when you're no longer politically benefitial, the ruthless serial opportunist Obama will treat you like yesterday's garbage.

He even approaches the press, who lick his posterior, with contempt... hectoring them with "don't waste your question" and telling them when they've "got enough pictures".

Just ask Khalidi, Ayers, Wright, Rezko, Blagojevich, et. al... or any other former ally he kicked to the curb when he was done with them- and now treats like a leper he's never met.

Barack takes care of Barack- first and formost.

Kristina J said...

Great post! I've been seeing the same thing. It's just a matter of time before the other groups follow suit. It's time we, conservatives, wake up the community. It will be a tough road, but it is our responsibility .

Awesome blog by the way!

Clifton B said...


Oh he will cozy up to them again if he still has a shot in 2012. That is the way the game is played.

Clifton B said...


"It's time we, conservatives, wake up the community. It will be a tough road, but it is our responsibility . "

No truer words were ever spoken!

GM Roper said...

Terrific blog Mr. B. Adding you to my blogroll.

The gay community like the black community will discover that the Democrats really don't mean what they say. In many ways, the "little guy" that Democrats say they support are the ones that will rebel come 2010. All of us, Black, White, Southern, Yankee, Gay, Straight, Highly Educated, High School dropouts need to realize that what politicians say is not what politicians do. To get it done, we need to get rid of the politician, and replace him/her with someone of integrity. I think I'm to old to see that happen, but I can dream.

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