Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UPDATED: Mark Sanford's missing days, here is my guess

The story surrounding South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford continues to build steam, with a new wrinkle added today. Supposedly the SUV he took was found at an airport in Atlanta and an eyewitness says he boarded a plane (destination unknown).

From what I read from various comments about the web, it seems everyone’s first guess is that Sanford is having a secret assignation (i.e. booty call). After giving this a little thought, I say this idea does not jive.

First of all, judging from the statements of Sanford’s staff, I would say they know where he is and are covering for him. If Sanford was having an affair, telling the staff is the last thing you would want to do (loose lips sink ships). Next is Mrs. Sanford’s lack of concern. If her husband was having an affair and she knew about it, I severely doubt she would be so cool about it. Especially since his absence takes place over Father’s Day weekend.

My guess, Sanford went away to have a medical procedure, and probably a rather personal one. It would account for his being away during Father’s Day weekend. It would also account for both his wife and his staff knowing, but refusing to say. Plus a short hospital stay would account for Stanford turning off his cell phones for several days. A personal medical reason also makes sense why Sanford would have flown out of state to have it done and left his security detail behind.

If it is a medical procedure, I suspect it is non-life threatening operation, but one that is extremely personal in nature. If you were a public figure, would you want a very personal medical procedure splashed across the front pages?

Time will tell what the real reason is, but for now, I am putting my bet on Sanford going away to have a minor operation, that he would rather not have the whole world know about.
Update: Argentina???
I totally missed that one, I would have thought he had a much more responsible explanation than that. Well this story just grew legs for a few more days.


The Conservative Lady said...

Not that I want Gov. Sanford to have medical problems, but you may be on to something. We will find out the truth because the state-run media won't let this one go. Sanford is a threat, just like Gov. Palin. He must be destroyed.

Clifton B said...


The more I think about it, the more I think it is something like this and possibly one of his distractors found out. That is why they are making hay about his absence in order to force him to embarrass himself by revealing what the issue is.

The Conservative Lady said...

Well, another one bites the dust. Better get all the GOP possible-candidates' skeletons out of the closet now before the Prez elections roll around. I just hope there are a few GOP candidates left. Take care.

Clifton B said...


Yes it is better that it happened early rather than near 2010 or 2012

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