Sunday, June 14, 2009

David Letterman, pervert!: My Letter to Kellogg's

A.D. David Mackay
President and CEO Kellogg’s
Kellogg’s Company
One Kellogg’s Square
PO box 3599
Battle Creak, MI 49016-3599

June 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Mackay;

No doubt you have heard about the offensive joke told by David Letterman on his program The Late Show. His joke involving the statutory rape of Governor Palin’s 14-year-old daughter was sexist and offensive in the extreme. As a long time consumer of Kellogg’s brand products (Corn Flakes, Eggo’s, Pop Tarts and Cheez-It), I am appalled to find out that your company is still advertising on Letterman's show. In doing so, I must ask, does Kellogg’s support statutory rape of 14-year-olds?

Until this question is publicly answered or your advertising is pulled, I can no long in good conscience purchase or recommend your products. To do so, I feel I would be supporting the hateful and spiteful things Letterman said and as Governor Palin said, further erode the self-esteem of young women everywhere.

I hope you will join all civil minded Americans and take a stand against Letterman’s misogyny and stop advertising on his program. To do anything less would be a shame.


Clifton B.

Below are the top brass of Kellogg’s. I sent a copy of this letter to each of them and just substituted the names and titles. I urge each of you to do the same.

(1) James M. Jenness – Chairman of the Board
(2) A.D. David Mackay – President and CEO
(3) John A. Bryant – COO and CFO
(4) Mark R. Baynes – VP and CMO
(5) Brian S. Rice – SVP, CIO
(6) Gary H. Pilnick – SVP, General Counsel, Corporate Development and Secretary

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RborisT said...

Thank you for this. I also am sending letters, and have posted one at Red State and linked to your post in comments there as well.

I am glad for the opportunity to stand up for Sarah and her family. She has taken a lot of shots on our behalf.

But even more so, we need to stand up for our kids, and for what we know is right. Thanks again for your post, and btw, a google search of "Letterman Kelloggs" produced your article #2 result!

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