Saturday, June 27, 2009

Videos: Did you see these?

Saracuda Strikes Back

ZING! Take that Senator Horse Face! I don’t know if you noticed it, but Governor Palin has made a very quiet, but much needed transformation. After months of taking BS from the left, she starting to fight back and very effectively I might add. First, with her interview with Hannity and her "I Told Ya So" moment, then turning the tables on Letterman with her interview with Matt Lauer and now giving John Kerry a better tweak then he gave her. Memo to GOP: Stop wasting your time pushing boring RINO losers, Palin is the real deal!
Mr. Filibuster!

Kudos to GOP Minority Leader John Boehner for using House rules to create a mini filibuster of the Cap and Tax bill! Unlike the Senate, filibusters are not used in the House, however leaders speeches are not timed, so Boehner used his privilege to read Weasel Waxman’s 3 am amendment for about 1 hour. Notice how Weasel Waxman tries to shut Boehner down. Sadly another important piece of legislation harmful to the American economy passes in the House WITHOUT BEING READ!

Bachmann chooses Liberty

This is one impressive woman. She follows the Constitution and understands that her role is to SERVE the people and not dictate to the people. When 2010 comes around the left is going to try to take her out. Don’t let it happen, give generously and volunteer to do virtual phone banks. Reps. like Bachmann are an extremely rare fine these days.


The Conservative Lady said...

Great post Clifton.

Mark E. Gillar said...

Here is a site for anyone wanting to get David Letterman fired. The site has an email blaster that makes it possible to email all of Letterman's sponsors at once.

Conservatives are just now learning to flex their consumer muscle. We'll will need more of this to keep the mainstream media
from the type of biased reporting we saw in the last election.

Just a conservative girl said...

I hope that you will join in a letter writing campaign. We are trying to get the RNC and the RNCC to cut off re-election funds to the cap & tax 8. I have a template on my blog.

Great blog by the way. I love Michelle Bachman as well. She is a good strong conservative woman.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

Props to John Boehner for trying to his best to stop the disgrace of a bill that passed. Props to Palin for not standing down to hate filled liberals that fear her ability to take down their beloved Obama, Props to Bachman for not giving ACORN any power that they can use against her at a later date.

Clifton B said...

TCL: Thanks!

Clifton B said...

Mark E. Geller:

Thanks for the tip. I firmly believe we should have kept the heat on Letterman. By not making an example out of him, we have invited more deranged Palin attacks. Witness the new round of attacks on Trig.

Clifton B said...

Just a Conservative Girl:

I will be happy to join you. If the Cap and Trade 8 want to wander off the reservation, fine, let them find funding out there too.

Clifton B said...

conservative Brother:

Props to all those conservatives who actually do stand up. I am working on a letter to Michael Steele as a reply to fund raising letter he sent out asking if we would stand with the GOP against Obama's liberal agenda. Needless to say, Steele is going to get an ear full.

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