Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carol Browner, busted!

(h/t Hot Air)

Carol Browner, Obama’s Energy Czar seems to think it is unfair that we do not accept her only reading “vast portions” of the Cap and Trade bill rather than the entire thing. Too bad they did not have a copy of the bill to check and see exactly which portions she actually read. Something tells me Ms. Browner did get very far past the title page. God help us!


KOOK said...

shameful I tell you, just shameful.

The disdain that they have for all of us. No, scratch that, it isn't disdain it is plain ambivalence.

KOOK said...

Just a general comment. There are two folks on you picture montage there that I worry about.
Colin Powell, there was a time when I would have voted for the man for any office he wanted. But he is a RINO just as surely as the cap and traitors, the turncoat 8.

Michael Steele - He seems to be a good guy, but I am not always sure he is a conservative rather than just a republican...if you get my meaning.

otherwise, good choices. Thomas Sowell is a GENIUS. Condi is super sharp. I recognize the other faces and especially the lady on the bottom row, but cannot place her.

Clifton B said...


It is total ambivalence. They no longer even pretend to care.

Powell is already coming off my logo and Steel remains shaky. I am working on a new logo and have been toying with ideas of redesigning my blog. Once I have every thing set in my head you will see the new and improved ABC blog.

The lady on the row is Fox news contributor and author of Bamboozled, Angela McGlowan.

She is kind of like a black Michelle Malkin.

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