Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Questions I would like answered about the new Govenment Motors

Now that the government has entered the car business *COUGH* Epic Fail *COUGH*, I have a few questions for Obama and Congress.
  1. In light of Republican car dealer's complaint that they were politically targeted, what safeguards are going to be put in place to prevent using GM for political payback?
  2. What safeguard will be put in place to prevent government run GM from unfairly competing against Ford and the transplants?
  3. At what point would the government cut its losses should the new GM continue to fail?
  4. Should GM become profitable, what guarantees are there that the tax payers would be repaid, rather than the government spend the money on something else?
  5. Should GM pay off all of its obligations to the tax payer, what is the plan to return it to the private sector?
I pretty much know that none of these questions were ever asked during this sham bankruptcy proceeding. It appears to me that the entire bankruptcy was designed to keep GM as a permanent government fixture from the get go. So now we are stuck with a new money pit. GM, meet Amtrack, Amtrak, GM.


Vincent E. Brown said...

I'm going to tell you this like I told some one else: You need your own segment on Fox News. Heck, someone needs to start a channel featuring only black conservatives so everyone will realize not all black folks are drinking the liberal Kool-aid. Keep up the good work!

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

I'm curious...does every proposed solution to the current economic crisis have to be kept within the confines of a market economyc mindset, or can someone try something that is actually pragmatic and not adherent to some socio-political dogma?

Ron B said...

Forgive me in advance for the sarcasm.
Question 1. It is called transparency. The buzz word of Corporate America over the last two years and now a favorite of B-Rock. Only the Transparency is Opaque.

Question 2. None. They will set pricing on cars that No One wants to buy except eco-terrorist and global warming extremist. Ford will not be able to compete and will eventually find itself under Obama Administration control as well.

Question 3. Too Big To Fail. Money supply for this president is endless as long as he can crank up the printing presses.

Question 4. Refer to previous answer. GM will not return to profitability as long as political appointees are at the helm deciding what to make, how to price it and who to sell it to.

Question 5. Not gonna happen!


Anonymous said...

First let me second that motion from Vincent E. Brown. And if not Fox you can join Zo on Pajama Media.

I see this as completing the task that FDR set out to do in 1936, socialize all forms of industrial industry. I guess Obama can have "his" Mission Complete now.

And just like every other progressive,whether on the left of right, it will be used as political payback or a weapon.

Clifton B said...

Vincent E. Brown:

Welcome to A.B.C.! I think a black conservative talk show would be an excellent idea, but count me out. I fear I might suffer a Ralph Kramden momment. I'll stick with blogger, it is much safer LOL.

BTW, welcome to my blog roll!

Clifton B said...


Welcome to A.B.C.!
There is nothing wrong with pragmatic solutions per se. However, one must remember that we are a Constitutional Republic. Thus, adhering to the Rule of Law is paramount to both its maintenance and future success. So long as said pragmatic solutions, stay within said rules (i.e. the Constitution)… have at it!

With that being said, pragmatic solutions or not adhering to “social-political dogma” doesn’t mean you ignore serious questions like the ones posed in the post. For example, what is the benefit to being pragmatic and not adhering to social political dogma, if the solution allows for government monopolization of an entire industry?

Being careful not to create new problems in order to solve old ones, isn’t conservative or liberal, but rather pragmatic!

Clifton B said...

Ron B:

Scarcasm, forgiven and welcome. BTW, how was your trip?

Clifton B said...

C. Scalawag:

Sorry, but I just don't translate well to video, consider me a Web 1.0 kinda guy, LOL.

Yes, all this backdoor nationization stuff, leave a whole lot of room for politcal monkey business. Did you see Congress today grilling the automakers about dealerships? Where were all those questions BEFORE they opened the purse strings?

Roadhouse said...

6. Where can the power to do any of this be found in the Constitution?

7. Why would I (Roadhouse) ever buy a car built by the government?

8. Wouldn't it have been easier to cut the corporate tax rate and let GM and Chrysler bust the unions so they can start making money again?

9. Wouldn't it have been easier to ease cafe standards so that GM and Chrysler could start making cars people will actually want to buy?

10. Will a Government Motors car come with a block of government cheese too?

Clifton B said...


Amen on #6. How I do wish everyone in Washington would take time to read and understand the Constitution before creating these hair brain schemes.

To answer #10, the chese will be in the engine compartment :-D

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