Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest In Peace

With the passing of both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett today, I feel like a little bit of my youth passed too. I can clearly remember ogling Charlie’s Angles and hanging the iconic Farrah poster on my bedroom wall as a young teen. Michael Jackson’s music was there throughout my entire childhood. From the early Jackson Five Motown hits, right up to Thriller on MTV, I cannot think of a point in my childhood where there wasn’t a Michael Jackson hit.

Godspeed to both, may they forever rest in peace.


JMK said...

I guess Farrah Fawcett's was expected and a mercy for her, suffering as long as she had, but MJ's was a lot more untimely and unexpected.

My fear, with the Jackson death is that some groups may try and use it to gain sympathy for pedarists, a chrge Jackson was acquitted of and vehemently denied, so at worst, he was no champion of pedophiles.

Moreover, it would seem, given the evidence presented, that while his obsession with children was "creepily inappropriate," it was probably a result of his trying to belatedly have the childhood he never had because of work.

Jackson's story is a lot more tragic on a whole lot of levels.

With Fawcett's and Jackson's passings, a piece of an earlier (and in remembrance, simpler) time has passed ino history....for those of that era, it certainly does make you feel a little older.

Euripides said...

These two were both iconographs of the day. With their passing, I suddenly feel old.

Clifton B said...


What I see with the passing of MJ, is that a lot of his creepy aspects will be erased under the "don't speak ill of the dead meme". From the creepy kid thing, the plastic surgeries, the in ablity to manage his money and so on.

Yes, the most direct impact of both Farrah and Michael is that it make me feel old too!

Clifton B said...


My feelings exactly. Now where did I put the Geritol?

JMK said...

Could've been worse, Clifton, I was expecting pedarist apologists to use his untimely death to advance their agenda.

Fact is, Jackson was acquitted of the charge of pedophilia and a medical expert in the trial claimed that "His (Jackson's) was a case of arrested development and not pedophilia."

I'm inclined to agree. Jackson always seemed like a woefully naive, childlike persona who neve grew up despite never really having had a childhood.

I'm glad that his death wasn't used to advance a "NAMBLA agenda".

Clifton B said...


I never really saw the NAMBLA agenda using MJ's death as a platform. However, I do see the making of "St. Michael Jackson". Sadly another poor choice being made into a role model.

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