Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sarah Palin: Told Ya So!

Sarah Palin took the sledge hammer of common sense to the Obama Administration's economic plans today on the Hannity Show. Governor Palin had this to say:

HANNITY: What do you make of – look at the state of the economy now...

PALIN: Well, when you consider that the federal government is about eleven trillion dollars in debt, and we’re borrowing more to spend more.. it defies any sensible economic policy that any of us ever learned through college. It defies economy practices and principles that tell ya ‘you gotta quit digging that hole when you are in that financial hole’

HANNITY: Socialism?

PALIN: Well, that is where we are headed. That is where we have to be blunt enough and candid enough and honest enough with Americans to let them know that if we keep going down these roads… nationalizing many of our services, our projects, our businesses, yes that is where we would head. And that is why Americans have to be paying attention. And we have to have our voices heard. And ultimately it need to be our will, the American people’s will imposed on Washington, instead of the other way around.

No beating around the bush for Palin. She asks the very question on everyone's mind, if we are in debt why the hell are we spending so much? It is a clear and straight forward question, that gets the most convoluted answers from Obama and his administration.

While Obama supporters rush to point out Obama's high PERSONAL approval rating, the ratings for his economic policies tells a completely different picture. Rassmussen's latest poll on Who Do You Trust On The Issues shows Republicans beating Democrats on both the Economy and National Security. Like Governor Palin, the American public isn't buying Obama's policies.

Palin's statements of we told ya so, pretty much ties these unpopular policies to the popular president. The leftwing media is already trying to slow down Palin by hardly covering her trip to NY this weekend where she drew a crowd of 20,000 people (in a BLUE state no less), by making much noise over the non story of plagiarism and trying to hype that stupid story about being uninvited to the NRCC/NRSC Dinner (like Palin needs any of those RINOs).

In the end, the media will be unsuccessful, because Palin has put the question out there (Why are we digging deeper into the hole?) and Obama and the democrat's answers are sounding more and more ridiculous.

For anyone who may have missed the Hannity interview, video is provided below (h/t Conservatives4Palin).

Finally for a real, I Told Ya So, check out this excerpt from Palin's historic RNC Convention speech. Listen as she ticks off what is coming from Obama and see how each and every last thing has come true. She read him like a book!

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