Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Jersey Republicans: Vote Steve Lonegan

Between Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan, Lonegan is the real conservative. He says exactly what is wrong with the GOP and it isn't turning it into the DNC Lite. Below is an interview with Mr. Lonegan, see for yourself. You can learn more about him at his website or visit the Garden State Patriot's blog.


JMK said...

Lonegan seems GREAT!

But the NJ GOP, like NY's GOP is horrifically corrupt and woefully incompetent.

A few years back they did everything they could to undermine and derail former maverick Jersy City Mayor, Brett Schundler.

Now they're running this political hack (Christie).

They don't stand for Conservatism at all, they stand for "sharing the pork" and maintaining the status quo.

Gary said...

This is a real sad state of affairs were are in. RINOs and Jackasses. Conservatives need not apply!

I'm actually thinking we need something new!

Clifton B said...


Ah, you heard of what they did to Schundler? Yeah the NJ Republicans are quite a bunch. Baiscally all they do is trade off with the Democrats.

Christie will probably win in Nov. and nothing will change. Just like Whittman. The worst part of the Christie victory is that it give the GOP RINO leadership something to crow about.

Clifton B said...


I know, NJ keeps electing these RINOs who go out of their way to sing a true conservative song while campaigning and then become Democrats once elected.

My prediction, Christie will win in November and then NJ will be CA in 2012.

JMK said...

What part of the state are you from Clifton?

My grandfather built a place on Cranberry Lake, out in Byram Township, way out in Sussex County.

That's a real nice part of the state out there. Even though it's changed a lot and goten somewhat overbuilt, it's still retains at least some of its former charm.

Lake Hopatcong is a pretty large,natural lake, while Lake Mohawk is a manmade lake created in 1929.

That's a nce area. I still go out there as often as I can.

That state deserves a LOT better leadership.....what that failed GOP out thee has done is a crime. They've become partners in crime with the spendthift Dems - brothers in arms, if you will.

Clifton B said...


I am North Jersey, just minutes from NYC.

I know Cranbury, I worked out there briefly even before moving to NJ.

Oh yeah, NJ Republican leadership is totally in bed with the Dems. Sadly, I don't expect much from Christie and will probably write in Lonegan for the general election.

JMK said...

I feel your pain....NY State isn't any better, in fact that's the rule, rather than the exception in the entire Northeast.

Yeah, Sussex County is a real nice area.

I spent nearly two decades across the GW from you, in the Southwest Bronx (Morrisania, Melrose, and University Heights).

I've spent the last four and a half years in a HazMat Unit based out of Queens, pretty much central to the five boroughs.

I miss the adrenaline and the great times back in the Bronx, though it's probably as much that I miss my youth.

I was pulling for Lonegan, just as I was pulling for Schundler.

Seems like there ae some pretty good Mayors out there, including Newark's Mayor, Cory Booker. I've heard that's he tough on crime and is setting that city back on track, although after Gibson and James almost anything would be an improvement there.

Stay well.

Love your blog....excellent writing!

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