Friday, June 12, 2009

The Church of The Empty Suit

During the campaign, I could almost understand why the left was in rapture over Obama. Here was a man, who was promising to deliver on to them their 40 year old wish list of socialized medicine, bigger government and world peace. Add to the mix, an already Democratically controlled Congress that was about to become a whole lot stronger and you have the perfect left wing Alleuyah moment!

Today, with over 100 days in office, Obama is looking more and more like your everyday run of the mill tax and spend liberal (and a hyper active one at that). Yet, this whole Obama worship still persists. I find it puzzling.

In his first 100 days, Obama has already thrown a few of his supporters under his magical bus of Hope and Change. On day one, Obama ran over gay supporters by having Prop 8 supporter, Rick Warren, give an invocation at the inaugural. He dropped the ball for all of those "prosecute Bush" fans and he is about to screw over millions who are unemployed and hoping for work via the stimulus plan.

Despite these reversals, the faithful followers are still worshiping at the alter of Hope and Change. Just the other day we heard this from one of Obama's MSM disciples.

Like a god? All Obama did was give one of his well spoken, teleprompter driven, strawman loaded, moral equivalence speeches, but this time in Cairo and he earns a comparison to a god?

What is it about the left that makes them so susceptible to false prophets and empty promises? Seriously, they constantly crave government solutions, despite the avalanche of evidence that government is inept and often corrupt. They blindly put faith in things that are unproven (global warming), failed policies and dubious leaders (Che, anyone?).

If Obama was truly God-like, would we not have seen some evidence of his powers before, during or after he was elected? There just isn't anything thing there if you look at him without rose colored glasses.

The left speaks breathlessly about his unparalleled intellect. However, to hear him speak off the cuff, one has truly have to question that. We hear that he is so visionary. Yet, Obama's proposals were almost indistinguishable from Hillary's during the primary and his policies today are the same old left wing ideas espoused by his peers. They claim he has true ability. Well, where was all this ability in the Illinois Senate or the US Senate? Should not a God-like man have accomplished something other than getting elected and writing autobiographies?

I think Obama worship might just be the by product of the left's embrace of secularism. Since so many of them have abandon traditional religion, they crave for a belief in something higher than themselves. Thus they fall for rhetoric that speaks to their need, rhetoric like Hope and Change.

God save them.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

absolutely and completely agree with your analysis here regarding your BHO empty suit analogy. I hate being a hater of the player, and try to focus on the game, but gawd he can be so smug (is it just me?). great post.


maddmath said...

If one believes in nothing, then they can fall for anything. You're accessment about how they want to believe in something greater than themselves is right on. Thus why they fall for anything, like Global Warming, Socialism, White Elephants, Iran wants only electricity, and BO.

Clifton B said...


Oh, he is very smug. But I am still mystified with the whole cult thing.

Clifton B said...


"If one believes in nothing, then they can fall for anything.

I cannot tell you how many times that lesson was told to me as a boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!! I don't have a church! Just kidding. Great post. Thanks for your support also.

Clifton B said...


If you did have a church, yours is a chuch I could understand attending.

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